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August 2012


"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."
~ Japanese Proverb
Liana Sonne joins the Nature's Classroom Insitute family as the Texas Education Director.  Liana comes with twelve years experience in Natural Resource Conservation and education fields, and has developed curriculum with an experiential focus.  Her career includes working with the Field Institute of Taos in New Mexico in their Desert Discovery Center and at the Ohio Wildlife Center with the Siberian Tiger Conservation Association.  She loves students of all ages, as well as gardening, animals and construction.

Warmest Welcome, Liana!

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New Curriculum: Implement This Today!
High TrailsLeading a Successful Field Experience
Preparation is a key element to a successful field group.  Check out these tips on preparation, leading, utilizing teachable moments, student input, introducing, facilitating and processing the activities. 

This guide will ensure a fun and successful field experience.

Curriculum  Click Here to Download
Free Curriculum - Leading a Successful Field Experience

Fun exercises for your class

Jumping JacksPromote phyiscal activity and health within the classroom with these few starter exercises:

1) Teach how to properly wash hands and incorporate a lesson on viruses and bacteria
2) Have students do 10 jumping jacks before recess to get their heart pumping
3) Take a walk around the campus once a week and observe nature's changes
4) Ask students to draw their own food pyramid  


World Kitchen Garden Day

Join people around the world gathering on August 26 in their gardens with friends, family and members of their local community to celebrate the pleasures and benefits of home-grown, hand-made foods.

World Kitchen Garden Day
Gardens Across the World
26 August 2012

Setting the Trend
Schoolyard Habitat Project Logo
The Schoolyard Habitat Project connects students with local environments while engaging them in real-world science.  Students research, design and implement a plan to create insect habitats, provide nesting sites for birds, plant native plants or remove weeds and invasive plants from the school grounds.

The project is inspired and sponsored by the Pacific Education Institute and the National Environmental Education Foundation, who want to connect students with local environments while engaging them in real-world science. 

"The creators of this projct are dedicated to empowering teachers to facilitate students as they develop a sense of ownership for their learning and a desire to positively impact their communities - resulting in students who are prepared to be part of 21st Century environmental solutions."


Pacific Education InstituteNational Environmental Education Foundation

Free, Fun and Educational



National Geographic
National ParksNational Geographic TodayNat Geo Games Lite

Star Walk

Star Walk


“Nature's Classroom was one of the best things to happen to me in elementary school and junior high.”

-S. Silver

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