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June 2012

"In the depth of winter
I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer!"

~ Albert Camus


Nature's Classroom Institute will help your students become the leaders of tomorrow
through self-discovery, collaboration and a deep thirst for knowledge. 

We build a framework that leads to specific goals and objectives and then,
guiding along the way, allow each student the freedom to choose their own path,
based upon their natural motivations, curiosities and learning styles.

Explore your opportunity to follow the interests of your students and exceed standards with customized experiences.  Our program encompasses team building, individual independence, experiential outdoor learning while including the current classroom curriculum of math, science, poetry, history and more.

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New Curriculum: Implement This Today!
CompostingTrash to Treasure
Teach your students to create and maintain a compost pile to recycle organic waste materials, facilitate nutrient cycling, and create organic treasures such as food and flowers.

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Free Curriculum - Trash to Treasure

Fun exercises for your class

IcebergCool experiments on a Hot Day!

Why Icebergs Float?

Do your students know that only 10% of an iceberg is above water?  This experiment teaches students that water is one of the few substances where the solid is less dense than the liquid form. 

Interesting Event
National Trails Day
America's Largest TRAILgating Party is June 2 - Find an Event Near You!
America's 200,000 miles of trails allow us access to the natural world for recreation, education, exploration, solitude, inspiration, and much more.  Trails take us to good physical and mental health by providing us with a chance to breathe fresh air, get our hearts pumping, and escape from our stresses.

National Trails Day events involve a broad array of activities, including hiking, dog walking, bike riding, trail maintenance, birding, wildlife photography, geocaching, paddle trips, trail running, trail dedications, and health-focused programs.

2011 Statistics:  2,063 events; 330,000 participants; 7,626 miles hiked/biked; 799 trail projects completed; 188,833 volunteer hours invested (worth $4 million in labor).

National Trails Day
Your Favorite Trail, USA
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Setting the Trend
olympics logo

Be the first to prepare your students for the 2014 Winter Olympics by celebrating the Summer Olympics!  How?  Use the science lessons from the summer Olympics such as friction, gravity, force and inertia in gymnastics to apply to skiing, snowboarding and luge in the winter Olympics.

Many of your students will be watching the Olympics in London this summer and will return to school eager to talk about them.  Use a resource such as those from the London Olympic Committee to develop lessons you can use when the students return next fall!

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Always Learning

Jakobshavn Glacier

Greenland's Ice Melting More Slowly Than Expected

A few years ago, the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland got a lot of media attention for it's melting rate.  As a result, glacier scientists have pored over radar images from the past decade to help determine the melting rate of 200 Greenland glaciers.  The upshot is that some of the glaciers like Jakobshavn that started surging haven't kept on picking up speed.  In fact, some have slowed down. 

Bottom line is that glacial melting rates are inconsistent and vary dramatically.  There has been a 30% increase in speed overall, but not a runaway meltdown as originally thought about the Jakobshavn glacier.  What we can expect is for sea levels to rise within the century, but how fast is still unknown and will we be able to adapt to the rise?

Teacher Perspective
“In the classroom today, I heard kids starting out lunch asking for 'Positive Sharings' from their friends and singing Nature's Classroom songs throughout the work period.  They had a wonderful time last week.”

-Trish J., Teacher from Madison, WI

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