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September 2012

"Don't be afraid in nature: one must be bold,
at the risk of having been deceived and making mistakes."

~Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro - Children on a Farm

Science is asking the question:
"What role do early childhood experiences in
nearby nature play in the formation of brain architecture?"

For all human history and prehistory,
experience in the natural world has helped shape our species, including our brains. 
That huge and ongoing influence cannot be ignored.

~Read More about "Nature's Neurons" by Richard Louv

This year think and learn "out-of-the-box"...
by bringing your class to spend a few days in the natural world.

Discover Nature's Classroom Institute

Our outdoor education program offers experiential and project-based learning,
as well as team building and independence, all while involving your current classroom curriculum. 

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New Curriculum: Implement This Today!
Chocolate Grasshopper
New Curriculum
Ever eaten a bug?  It sounds pretty nasty, but really, is it such a terrible thing?  Explore the anatomy of crickets and/or grasshoppers, discuss cultural preferences related to using insects as a protein source, make some "chocolate chirpie chip cookies" and play a game of "Get in My Belly." 

This curriculum will have the students chirping!!!

Click Here to Download
Free Curriculum - Got Bugs?

Fun exercises for your class
Teaching InsectsUsing Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms
Teach self-protection and body parts by having crickets in your classroom.  Try teaching hygiene and disease prevention and control with flies.  With the help of these four activities, you can use live insects to teach about our human needs.


Yoga Health Foundation
National Yoga Month

September is the official National Yoga Month (a national observance designated by the Department of Health & Human Services) designed to education about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Learn about free events and classes nationwide.

Teach your students to stretch and build their core strength by trying a few moves in the classroom!

National Yoga Month
September 2012

Setting the Trend

Texas' New EcoVillage

GFC Eco Village

Nature's Classroom Institute has a new EcoVillage in Bruceville, Texas.  The village sits in the woodlands of 200 acres adjacent to a zoo and vegetable garden.  The goal is to introduce teenagers to the natural world and to help them understand and appreciate their role in the eco-system.

The power of choice with immediate results is a powerful learning tool built into the curriculum of the entire program and with the EcoVillage students will feel more empowered than ever!

Learn more about the EcoVillage

Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Other Stinging Insects - First Aid Care

Honey Bees

Don't let the fear of stings keep you away from the outdoors!

This summer and early fall has more stinging insects than usual.  So what should you do if you're on a nature walk and a student is stung?

teacher perspective

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