April 2013

Happy Earth Day!

The countdown to Earth Day 2013 is on! In less than two weeks, many people will be celebrating the earth in their classrooms. NCI will be celebrating with our Annual Earth Day Walk. See details in the Interesting Events section.

Get involved to help improve your community, and have a very happy Earth Day!

Earth Sculptures


Often, people go through life looking at the things around them without actually seeing them all. In this exercise, students will learn to see the world a new way, become stewards of the earth, and observe the world as a boundless source of artistic inspiration and materials. 


How Polluted is Your Air?

In one week, students can learn first-hand about dirt and other pollutants in the air. 

In groups of 3-5 with few classroom supplies, students will create pollution test cards and place them outdoors. Over the next week, they will collect data and have their eyes opened to air pollution in the environment. 

School Highlight

This month, Nature’s Classroom Institute is hosting two age groups of students (ranging from 6 years to 12 years old) at two of our locations, Texas and Wisconsin, from The Clariden School of Southlake, Texas.  At Clariden School, the staff creates a personal and individualized learning program where children’s strengths are identified and put to use so the children can make a meaningful difference in the world.  Their mission and teaching techniques are aligned with Nature’s Classroom Institute.
At NCI in Texas, the lower elementary students took classes on ecology, weather patterns, predation and astronomy, as well as team building field groups and nature exploration in the forest.  The students were so excited that some asked if they could live at Nature’s Classroom Institute.  

At NCI in Wisconsin, another group will be studying ecology, as well as the glacial effects on the landforms in southeastern Wisconsin. They will do a simulation on wolves, the wolf hierarchy, and the wolf pack communities. 
“I had a number of programs that I was looking at in the north, so I was calling these programs references, the answers I go where,’ yes this program is OK but if you really want a great program then you need to go to Nature’s Classroom institute’” says Maggie Dobbins, Lead Upper Elementary Teacher.
“NCI has been a great experience for all of the children and faculty.  The staff is so cooperative and fun to be with, patient with the children and loving.  The food and facility is great.  I’m glad we chose NCI for our Lower Elementary overnight this year.” Shagufta Nathani, Lead Lower Elementary School.

Earth Day Walk

During the annual NCI Earth Day Walk, the students of NCI Montessori will be raising money to help pay for feed for the animals on the campus farm. The entire farm of chickens, llamas, goats, and ducks can be fed for

$8 per day

Sponsor a day, a week, a month, or the entire year by donating below! 

Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Students from the Clariden School during the astronomy unit making moons and using rocks as crater simulations.

NCI Montessori  

Mukwonago, WI

The campus of the NCI location in Mukwonago, WI also operates as a Montessori day school. Using outdoor education as its platform, NCI Montessori offers hands-on learning on over 380 acres of pristine woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. 

See the video about this NCI campus and Montessori school.

10 Ways You Can Add Vitamin "N" to Your Classroom & Beyond

Co-Founder and Chariman Emeritus of the Children and Nature Network shares 10 ways that teachers can bring nature into the classroom. Nature's classroom executes many of these strategies and encourages you to bring them into your classroom, including:

5. Green your schoolyard. Studies suggest that school gardens and natural play spaces stimulate learning and creativity, and improve student behavior. To get started, download the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide. Tap the knowledge of such programs as Evergreen in Canada, and the Natural Learning Initiative in the United States. 

Add Vitamin "N" to your Classroom
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