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She's answering your questions once again.

The Return of "Ask Candy" 

You asked, and we listened! Candy's column will appear in the second and fourth edition of Dallas Voice every month. Below, check out Candy's advice for one reader who was concerned about finding the right partner while still building their career. 

Dear Candy,
I’m a twenty-something professional battling the pressure of dating while starting a career. The majority of my closest friends are either engaged, married or in serious relationships, on the precipice of putting a ring on it — which adds expectations on me to date and be on their romantic levels. Should I continue building a financially stable future for me, myself and I, or should I put more of my effort into meeting a significant other while I’m still young?
— Not Looking

Dear Not Looking,
One of the most stressful and difficult stages in a person’s life is the age between mid 20s and early 30s. This is the time when you are looking for stability, direction, identity and purpose. Questions include: “What am I going to be when I grow up?” “With whom will I share my life and build a family?” “Where will I live and work long-term?”

This is a time of confusion, questioning of self-worth and wanting to measure up to your friends. In a word — middle school all over again! (Okay, that was three words.)

Timing is perfect. Your friends’ timing is perfect for them, and your timing is perfect for you. Keep your focus on your aspirations — that goes for career and marriage goals especially. These are worthy goals. Have faith in yourself. When you look back at this time, you will come to know you “got on track” at the right time.

Good luck!
— Candy

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