Dear Carla,

How are you liking 2012 so far? It’s been rocking with transformational energy!

We are at the center of our year, Summer Solstice in the North.  All the energy is out front and shining. It is a time of high activity, and visibility, when we tend to shine like the sun itself.

You are supposed to shine, Radiant Being of Healing and Transformation! Allow the world to see your gifts, your magnificence.

This New Moon on the Eve of Solstice invites you to journey within to align yourself. As the moon and sun travel through the daylight together today, take some time to feel your body, sensually and emotionally.

In order to hold the Light that beams forth, you must be grounded in your body. This is what sexual energy is for-- it brings your physical vibration into sync with the Divine Vibration. Divine Love. Embodied. In. You.

Two powerful thoughts about sexuality came my way this week.

Sex educator Candice Holdorf wrote: We have to learn to strip sex down to its barest essentials: me, the sensation in my body and my desire.

Astrologer Eric Francis wrote: When you follow sexual awareness into yourself, you’re taken to the core of self-awareness.

Read the second one again.

I’d like to blend these two thoughts into an orgasmic New Moon exercise for you.

Find a quiet space where you feel safe and comfortable--bed, bath, cozy chair, or a spot outdoors on the earth.  Bring your awareness to your breath. Breath gently and slowly, no effort. With each breath, become more aware of your body.

Let your awareness and breath fall into your genitals, and flow into your own special erotic zones.  Feel the pleasure of being in your body. If you wish, allow yourself to be aroused, by thoughts, memories, fantasies, touch. Feel your orgasmic energy flowing, whether or not you choose to have a body orgasm.

Total awareness to the YOU that is feeling. Concentrate sex to its essence: you, your body sensations, your desire. It is the door to awareness that is your Self. You are so magnificent it takes a lifetime to explore your richness. It starts here, in this simple way.

Before you can lose yourself in ecstacy, you must know yourself in ecstacy.

Oh you are so beautiful. So very fine. Just as you are. You are enough.

This is how you stoke the furnace of your radiance.

You come first.

You are loved, loveable, safe, and secure. From this place of embodied Self-Awareness, you can now shine your radiant light. Imagine, Intend, Create, Serve, Make Love, Teach, Plant, Harvest. SHINE.

Happy Summer.

(To my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, having Winter Solstice, I invite you to do this meditation in the dark of night, to amplify your inner light, and remember you are Divine.)