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Newsletter December 2019 - Advent 
An Advent Prayer

Keep us, O Lord,

while we tarry on this earth,

in a serious seeking after you,

and in an affectionate walking with you,

every day of our lives;

that when you come,

we may be found not hiding our talent,

nor serving the flesh,

nor yet asleep with our lamp unfurnished,

but waiting and longing for our Lord,

our glorious God for ever.  Amen.

Richard Baxter (1691)

Borrowed From New Zeland Prayer Book. Stan+

For the sixth year in a row, #AdventWord will gather prayers via a global, online Advent calendar. Virginia Theological Seminary is offering meditations and images during this holy season beginning Sunday, December 1. Images and meditations can be experienced via the #AdventWord website,, direct daily emails, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and as ASL videos via YouTube.
Adult Education for Advent
There will be two classes for Advent. Father Jim and Patty Law will be discussing the meaning of Advent using the book "Light of the World" by Amy-Jill Levine. It can be purchased ahead of time on Amazon. Father Mark will lead a Bible Study on the readings for each Sunday in Advent. Please join one of these groups at 9am Sunday mornings to enhance your Advent experience.
The Giving Tree will be up for the first Sunday in Advent. Please take a name and gift list that suits your fancy and have fun filling a child's wish. We have 39 names this year. Remember you can share the cost with a friend! The time frame is short this year so wrapped gifts with tags attached should be under the tree by Sunday December 15. If you have questions contact Karen Henriksen at 803 351-1148 or Paula Ashley at 214 794-9114 or 
On the afternoon of Saturday December 21st, we’ll be making the Christmas wreaths at Karen & Blount Shepard’s house. These wreaths will hang during the Christmas season where the Stations of the Cross artwork is currently displayed.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact Karen at 749-9839  or for details. (Note: that’s an “underscore” between first and last name on email address) All materials provided, and no experience necessary!
From Father Mark -
Greening of the Church will be Sunday, December 22, immediately following the 10:30 service.  We need volunteers to help put up the Xmas tree, hang garland and wreaths, and set out Poinsettias in preparation for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

Christmas Schedule:  5:30 Xmas Eve - Family Service
                                   10:30 Xmas Eve - Midnight Mass
                                   10am Xmas Morning - The Christ Mass
Are you willing to roast a turkey for Christmas giving? Turkeys are need for Resurrection program. If you can help contact Judy Gallagher at 803 238-4597 or
Need an idea for that little extra you like to give at Christmas? Consider a donation to the Sights and Sounds Fund to help cover the cost of special musicians and flowers at Christmas or a donation to the Seminarian Fund to help cover the cost of Virginia Theological Seminary for Beth Hendricks. Checks can be made out to SSSJ with the designation in the memorandum line. Thank you!
Thanks to our outgoing Vestry members: Cai Armstrong, Edwina Allen, Ronnie Johnson and David Wallace.  And congratulations to our incoming Vestry Members: Judith Head, David Law, Joe Riley and Blount Shepard.  Also to Karen Henriksen and Jean Cox, our delegate and alternate to Diocesan Convention.

Pumpkin Patch Summary

For the past two years, we have purchased our pumpkins from a South Carolina grower in Chester County.  Unfortunately, their pumpkin crop failed this year due to extreme drought during the growing season.  However, we were able to locate an alternate source of pumpkins.  These pumpkins came from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and were more expensive.

Despite this early setback, we were still able to have a successful pumpkin patch.  In addition to generating considerable goodwill within the Irmo community, we sold approximately $11,700 worth of pumpkins, which netted about $6,600 for our Outreach Program.

None of this would have been possible without the involvement of our congregation.  Whether it be unloading and setting out the pumpkins, staffing the Pumpkin Patch or helping in other ways, the members of our congregation committed countless hours to making the Pumpkin Patch a success.  Your participation in this important ministry is greatly appreciated.

God Bless;

David Law

Pastoral Care
Do you know someone who needs a little TLC? Perhaps a card or cheery phone call, or a meal brought to them. Contact Michele Lyerly at 803 261-0911 or Show folks we care!
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An Invitation from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry


I write to invite you to support our Episcopal Church’s Annual Appeal. This Church-wide Appeal is one tangible way to support our ministry of and witness to the Way of Love that Jesus taught in our time and in the wider world. Let me show you what I mean.

In the first century, Jesus of Nazareth inspired a movement. It was a movement of people whose lives were centered on Jesus and who were committed to living His way, which is the way of the cross, the way of God’s unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial, and redemptive love.

Today our vocation is, I believe, to be that movement of Jesus, living and bearing witness to this Way of Love in our time. The Annual Appeal is one tangible way to support that witness to this Way of Love in the wider world.

For example, this Appeal helps us not only heed our collective call of continuing to ‘welcome the stranger’ through Episcopal Migration Ministries, it helps grow our newly-launched network called Partners in Welcome; brought together to build a community of support and solidarity for welcoming newcomers to our country, and led by two staff persons who assist in its discernment, development and ministry to the whole Church. In so doing, we witness to the Way of Love.

This Appeal helps lift up 37 Young Adult Service Corps members and other missionaries serving and witnessing to the Way of Love in 17 countries beyond the United States. The work is transformative for both the missionaries and the communities in which they serve.

The Appeal helps sustain the 110 federal chaplains who serve men and women in the military, reserves, auxiliaries (Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard), Veterans Administration hospitals, and federal prisons. These chaplains provide spiritual and day-to-day support to service men and women on ships and land, veterans requiring medical services, and the incarcerated. Their witness to the Way of Love, as the way of Jesus, the way of the Christian, is a particular and important witness. And they are, literally, around the world.

The General Convention of our Church gave us a goal of raising $1 million over the 2019-2021 triennium, with every dollar going to support the collective ministries of a Church that welcomes refugees around the United States, plants churches, evangelizes the Good News of Jesus Christ, proclaims the Way of Love to countless individuals, and does so much more.

Please join me in this effort. I ask on behalf of the thousands of men, women, and children who, through the practice of giving, are blessed by your love and care. I invite you to join me in making a gift of any amount, prayerfully considering that God is guiding your faith in our Church.

Thank you. The work that we join in together makes a difference – not only in our lives but in the lives of others across God’s world.

Your brother in Christ,
The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate

Go to episcopal for more information on the Appeal. Checks may be mailed to:
The Episcopal Church
c/o Office of Development /Annual Appeal
815 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10017

An Advent Sequence Prayer

Saviour eternal,

life of the world unfailing,

light everlasting

and our true redemption.

Taking our humanity

in your loving freedom,

you rescued our lost earth

and filled the world with joy.

By your first advent justify us,

by your second, set us free:

that when the great light dawns

and you come as judge of all,

we may be robed in immortality

and ready, Lord, to follow

in your footsteps blest,

wherever they may lead.

Salus aeterna - Anonymous C.900 - 950

Borrowed From New Zeland Prayer Book. Stan+

Please send any news or information to or call Pat at (803) 662-0504 before the 25th of each month. Thanks for helping keep us all up to date!
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