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Our 9th Anniversary Idea Catalyst Kit
Creating In Community • Ideaschema 2019
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January 14, 2019

Life is a process with bumps and bruises that may take us by surprise and leave us reeling -- with no chance to reflect.

More and more, we use the moments in our day and the work at hand as an opportunity to reflect who we are and what we are made of.

Maybe there's no time to even think of words, but still there is a story.

It's our story, the story that is being told through us, however much we may or may not recognize it. It travels across platforms and through the lenses of our different experiences as different people.

We can become an active part of this kind of life expression.

It heals trauma and hooks us up to ecologies of nourishment. It wakes up our community bodies and solves problems we didn't realize were solvable.
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The Idea Catalyst Kit 9th Anniversary Edition is a cross platform transmedia project.

It incorporates all our own stories -- and future readers' stories -- into the experience of building connections and relationships in the world that we are sharing with one another.

We are all writing from our own perspectives, our stories as they intersect (or once intersected) with the Idea Catalyst Kit.

It taught us a number of useful things, and... now we're going to teach it something back. ;-)

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Download, create, participate.

In order to support the life-saving efforts described in our last email, we are releasing this 9th Anniversary Edition of the Idea Catalyst Kit - available for free to those in hardship, and for a donation from those with financial ability.

At any time, you can join the Idea Catalyst Learning List and receive all materials from the first day forward.

Stay tuned to Twitter -- list sign-up will be available soon!

Donate to Support the Idea Catalyst Kit Here!

Idea Catalyst Learning List • Idea Schema 9 • IPR •••

Find us at this address on Ideaschema's public channel, a page that includes many helpful links: t.me/Ideaschema/717

File delivery and collaborative efforts are ongoing in our private Idea Catalyst learning channel on Telegram messenger, which you can join by clicking here.

You may also like to browse celebratory show notes & links from Jan. 12-13, 2019: t.me/Ideaschema/674

Stay tuned for your invitation to the Idea Catalyst Learning List. Thank you for joining us on this Intuitive Public Radio.

Be brave out there, adventurers!
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PS. Each Telegram (t.me) link includes information on how to install Telegram on your phone or desktop. (We are available to help.)


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