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Idea Catalysts of Ideaschema 2020

Ideaschema 2020's Idea Catalysts are coordinating to support Intuitive Public Workgroups, which you can find and participate in by visiting

Since 2010's release of the Idea Catalyst Kit, we have changed our approaches considerably. ​It is these life-saving approaches, sustaining our community members every day, that we are dedicated to sharing as workgroups and other supportive materials publicly:

  • The Nourishment of Survivor-Led Professional Networks
  • Intuitive Community Juice: Listening, Healing, & Self-Led Recovery
  • Intuitive Social Kitchen: Whole Food Medicine, Microbes, & Dreaming
  • Cryptocurrency & Economic Resilience In Survivor-Led Communities
  • Income Streams & Social Authority In Survivor-Led Communities
  • Creativity, Money, & Recovery: Survivor-Led Income Streams
  • Intuitive Public Media: Toolsets for Survivor Professionals
  • Prevent Human Trafficking In Your Community

All our workgroup content is drawn from the honored lived expertise of survivors from the front lines of extreme hardship and the Intuitive Community Knowledgebase we have compiled.

For more, follow our logbooks here (public social community) and keep abreast of Intuitive Public Requests at

Survivors of Severity experience extreme intersections of daily danger and suffering. These survivors and other community members use our expanded Idea Catalyst and Intuitive toolsets to solve challenging problems, create sustainable income streams, and revitalize safe, caring community spaces for all in need.

A lot is happening. Do you have questions? We’re glad to provide more information and support. Email us at or contact Max directly by emailing

As we build more Intuitive infrastructure and rebuild Ideaschema’s web resources, make sure to follow the platforms and outposts of Intuitive Public Radio, which you can also find on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in our green-growing labyrinth of Telegram messenger channels.

What next step can you take to support survivor-led projects?

  1. Remember that survivors do this work without safe food, clothing, healthcare, and emergency medical supplies. You can bring your strength to this community by replying to this email to be in touch, by contributing financial support to, and by adding your voice to
  2. Browse these, join, and support the groups you like the best by emailing
  3. Schedule a public or private consult with our community coordinators by emailing
  4. Share this message widely by forwarding it to others, copying/pasting as needed, and sharing the links we’ve shared here with you.

This effort is sponsored by Intuitive Community, Ideaschema 2020, and Intuitive Public Radio

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