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My name is Brendan. I am working with Megan Elizabeth Morris -- who is now known as Max -- on expanded endeavors with our growing team at Intuitive.

Ideaschema encountered a crisis of community, which Intuitive is bringing to resolution with our growing network of allies, providing support to survivors of severe illness, trauma, and other hardship.

This Intuitive network helps the public listen intuitively: Intuitive Public Media.
Join us at!

Intuitive Public Media serves to connect individuals in increasingly resilient, sustainable, and collaborative online communities.

We center healing creativity, supportive collaboration, and public awareness.

Our networks are a disability aid and solution incubator for those who, like ourselves, are in extreme situations.

Together we solve problems that seem impossible or overwhelming when faced alone -- but can be addressed easily and enjoyably in strong communities.

The result is that the members of our network, originally terminally isolated, are now able to go to work together every day by using Telegram and the other media platforms we have connected.

In the process, our members are supported in creating individual income streams.

We fund the creation of these income streams (on an emergency basis, currently) for active and community supportive members who are developing helping professions and shared resources.

Do you feel moved to assist us in decreasing suffering, isolation, exploitation, and violence in our communities?

Please donate - $1, $5, $25 - any amount supports our team in their endeavors!

Support Our Work!
We are sending this email to share with you what we have built. Ask us for a personal introduction to the network using direct private links below, or by responding to this email.

Volunteers and encouraging contact are most helpful to us at this time.
Please reach out to us!

Thank you for reading this message.


How to contact us:

Brendan -

Max -
Ask the helpline!

More information can be found at

Join us at our developing community website, https://Intuitive.Community/

- Message the team for assistance at

- Ask the helpline! 
- You can contact me directly at
- Max can be reached at

Please note that links will route you to installing Telegram on your phone or desktop.
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