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The happiness at work newsletter is back after a loooong hiatus. Woohoo! Here are the headlines:

  • Video: Get 10 great tips for creating a happy workplace
  • Work = Punishment?
  • Speaking in  Kuwait - we need your help
  • Great links
  • Woohoo of the day: Rockets and happiness

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Video: Get 10 great tips for creating a happy workplace

Will McInnes

On May 24 we held our 4th. annual conference about happiness at work in Copenhagen and we were incredibly fortunate to get Will McInnes, the founder and managing director of Nixon McInnes, to speak.

In his opening keynote, Will talked about some of the things they've done to make their company so happy and successful, including:
  • Democratizing the music in the office
  • The wall of win
  • The church of fail
  • Open bookkeeping and open salaries
And of course my favorite:
  • The happy balls!
Will also shared some of the challenges and failures they've faced on the way.

You can watch Will's entire speech here - it's 25 minutes long and it rocks!

Work = Punishment?

I honestly keep wondering why so many people put up with bad workplaces, bad bosses and bad jobs. Why are many people desperately unhappy at work (up to 50% according to some studies) but accept this as normal?

Part of the answer is that we're carrying massive cultural baggage. Through much of Western history, there has been a sense that work is hard and unpleasant and that’s why we get paid to do it.

Read on to find how 3000 years of Western culture conspires to keep us unhappy at work.


Speaking in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers.

We’ve been doing a lot of international speaking lately, including in the US, England and the Caribbean (I know, it’s tough to be us). In fact, when we speak in Prague in September, it will be country number 25 we’ve done work in.

Number 26 will be Kuwait, where we’re doing 3 workshops on October 3rd and 4th. However, we’ve never spoken in the Middle East, so we could really use your help. Do you know the region? What are some dos and don’ts for business speaking in Kuwait? What would be something, the audience would really appreciate?

Any other considerations or cultural norms/expectations we should be aware of?

Please write a comment here - any help is very appreciated.

Thanks :o)

Great links

I'm strange and I'm proud
Our Iowan buddy Mike Wagner recently gave a very inspiring TEDx talk abut the positive value of being strange. Watch the talk and get our thoughts on being strange in the workplace :o)

Meaning Conference
Nixon McInness (from the first video in this newsletter) are putting on a conference on October 1st in Brighton for people who believe business can and must be better in the 21st century. There are some really great speakers, including this guy :o)

Want to get more done? Work less!
Jason Fried of the IT company 37signals explains how they get more work done by working fewer hours.


Woohoo of the day: Rockets and happiness

NASA’s Curiosity mission to Mars was a success. Here’s how they celebrated once the landing was confirmed:

That’s just fantastic and a great reminder that the greater the obstacles and the harder the project, the sweeter the victory. How do you celebrate success in your workplace?

And speaking of rocket-related happiness, here's a fantastic clip of astrophysicist Neal deGrasse Tyson opening a present. Tyson had no idea what was in it, but agreed to open it on camera. His reaction is a pure delight to watch:


Even more happiness
If you want even more happiness at work, here are some links for you:

Have a happy day,

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