WWU Parent Connection—Summer 2020 (special edition)
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Dear Parents,

As fall quarter nears, Walla Walla University continues to monitor local, regional, and national data and recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Our teams are working diligently to offer a strong academic program despite the challenges of COVID-19.
We’ve heard from many parents—some with concerns, some who are grateful for the steps we've taken, many with a lot of questions. We expect more questions to arise as students settle into fall quarter.
Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received from parents. We also provide contact information to help you in the coming days. I also recommend you bookmark to stay current on the latest information about WWU's COVID-19 plans, policies, and procedures.
This year I become a WWU parent, too, and I join you in praying for all of our students, faculty, and staff as they start this academic year. We're glad you're part of our WWU family,

With gratitude and prayers,

Claudia Santellano
Director for Alumni and Parent Relations

FAQs about our COVID-19 response
About COVID-19 testing and care
About contact tracing

7 common questions about
fall quarter at WWU


1.  What does it mean that WWU is “reducing density” for fall quarter?

Walla Walla University is strongly committed to lowering population density on our campus and in our local community, and to making our infection-spread footprint as small as possible in our Walla Walla community.
We will allow only one person per room in our residence halls, and we’ve limited capacity for our in-person classes. We are asking many of our students to stay home and take their WWU fall classes via distance education.

2.  Can my student arrange to live in an apartment or with friends and still take in-person classes or participate in WWU’s campus activities fall quarter?

Only students who are specifically authorized to be on campus will be allowed in campus spaces or to participate in our fall quarter in-person activities.
To be specifically authorized to be on our campus, students must have received both academic clearance and housing clearance, according to our policies.
Students on our College Place campus who are either enrolled in in-person classes or residing in WWU-approved housing, or who have official authorization to be on campus will be given a special pass each day. That pass must be displayed while they are on campus each day and signals approval for them to participate in campus activities or attend in-person classes.
The university’s housing eligibility policies remain in effect. Students who wish to live locally must receive WWU’s authorization to do so, even if they are not living in WWU housing. The process to obtain permission to live off campus remains the same. Specifically:
  • Accepted WWU students may send a written off-campus housing request to (College Place campus) or (Portland campus).
  • Petitions must be submitted by the student requesting to live off campus. Any documents submitted on behalf of the student will be reviewed as supplemental documentation.
Learn more about WWU's Residential Life and Housing policies and processes here.

3.  Will I need to redo financial clearance?

You may need to redo financial clearance if your student’s housing arrangements change. The housing teams will notify students of their housing status this week, and then if circumstances have changed for your student, you will need to contact Student Financial Services and ask for a reset of financial clearance. The SFS team will reevaluate your student’s package based on new circumstances, and you can then redo financial clearance.

4. Where can I stay when I come to drop off my student?

Our on-campus lodging options are closed. However, there are a number of reputable hotels in our area.

5. Will on-campus students be able to dine in the cafeteria, and how will that work?

Our dining hall will be open only to those who have on-campus authorization, though dine-in capacity will be reduced. Students will also be able to preorder their meals and pick them up in our Student Association Center (the SAC), along with other grab-and-go food items.

6. What will on-campus student life be like for fall quarter?

Only students who are specifically authorized to be on campus will be allowed in campus spaces or to participate in our fall quarter in-person activities. Approved students will be asked to display a special pass given to them each day that authorizes their access to campus or activities.

Church and vespers programming will be provided according to Washington state requirements for religious and faith-based organizations, which limit the single, large, in-person gatherings we enjoy each week. Students will be able to reserve a spot to attend one of the multiple worship options available for smaller groups, and masks and distancing precautions will be required.

Winter Educational Complex (WEC) fitness center activities will be available to students by appointment and following guidelines for masks and distancing.

Activities and social events will be offered in small-group formats and carefully planned around COVID-19 safety requirements.

7. Will WWU be back to in-person classes for winter quarter?

We hope to be able to increase our on-campus occupancy for winter quarter. However, like many of life’s circumstances we can’t completely know what will happen. We can, however, prepare for a myriad of possibilities so that we’re ready to act as appropriate in the moment.

Quick resources for parents

WWU COVID-19 information
Academic Advisement (509) 527-2132
Academic Records (509) 527-2811
Alumni and Advancement Services (509) 527-2631
Campus Ministries (509) 527-2010
Counseling and Testing Services (509) 527-2147
Marketing and Enrollment Services (509) 527-2327
Parent Relations (509) 527-2644
Student Development Center (509) 527-2664
Student Employment (509) 527-2357
Student Financial Services (509) 527-2815
Student Missions (509) 527-2633
University Health Clinic (509) 527-2425
WWU Church (509) 527-2800
Academic Advisement
Academic Records
Alumni Relations
Campus Ministries
Counseling and Testing
Parent Relations
Student Employment
Student Financial Services
Student Missions
University Health Clinic
University Church
Parent and Family Guide
Payment plans
Scholarship search
Student Handbook

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