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A Man and his Favorite Mug & Pottery History

From time to time our clients bring us articles that they find in newspapers or magazines about Pottery.  The other day we recieved a great article written by T.R. Kerth titled "A man mourns his coffee mug full of memories."  The story was all about a retired Navy man that had found his coffee mug broken.  He had this particular favorite mug for many years.  A young 21-year old student teacher didn't think it was a big deal when they accidently broke the mug and wrote an apology note and left the mug on the desk.  This mug was his prized possession, a worn, chipped Navy mug that held his coffee every morning.  When he found his mug shattered he stopped dead in his tracks.  His hands trembled with anger as he read the message and said something like, "The thing I love most in the world has been shattered by the man I dislike most in the world." 

The article goes on to talk about how the author was young at the time and didn't understand the significance to the retired Navy man's dismay.  Not until he reflected back to when he found his special mug did he understand.  The author found a mug that has traveled his life with him for over 30 years now.  And as the article finished he sat next to his mug, cradling the last ounce or two of coffee.  His "le chat" cup sat only inches from the edge of his desk, hovering over a hard tile floor.  It would surly be a fatal fall for that mug, but it has sat that way for countless years.  He decides to push his mug a few more inches onto the desk. 

If you have a favorite mug, we would love to hear about it. 
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We will be doing a drawing for a Free Mug!

Pottery History 

Kitchen Storage Pot
Theodor Bogler (German, 1897-1968)

1923. Slip-cast earthenware with metallic glaze, .a (body): 5 1/4 x 6 3/4" (13.3 x 17.1 cm) .b (lid): 1 3/8 x 5 1/4" (3.5 x 13.3 cm). Manufactured by Bauhaus Ceramic Workshops, Weimar, Germany. Estée and Joseph Lauder Design Fund

This storage pot was slip-cast from a plaster mold, a method used for mass-producing ceramics. Designed by Bogler in the ceramics workshops of the Bauhaus, the robust, simple form reflected the school's conviction that basic geometric shapes were well suited to industrial production.
Given the depressed state of the economy and the uneven quality of the prototypes, however, the pots were never licensed for large-scale manufacture,
despite initial interest at trade fairs in both Frankfurt and Leipzig.


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