Tree Of LIfe

What am I seeing ever day?  New life from plants and trees.  Yellow Butterflys.  Fast Food, Juggling Life, Making room for time to play.  People getting sick from newly diagnosed cancers, heart disease, arthritis, and as some doctors say all due to our Diet.  I truly believe that we need to step back into Natural foods and change our diets.  Include more fun in our day with dancing, and sharing what we value in our lives.  

Twitter Health Tips

@DrakeAlphaPhi  Wear red tomorrow to speak up for women's heart health :)

Aerobic exercises stimulate the development of new cells in the learning centers of your brain. 

RT @mariashriver: RT @thewomensconf A must read! 10 Ways to Nourish Your Heart & reduce your risk for heart disease.

Since tomorrow is Red Day to support Women's Heart health I've just drank my Pulse, read info about it here...

Recent Book Review

I recently read Dr Schauss  book that talks about the awesome benefits of Acai and the research and development behind it.

Weekly Healthy Living Tips

Exercise and an increase in rich antioxidant foods is essential to Healthy Living.  I was listening to a simple story how fat makes the sticky stuff in our arteries that cause Heart problems.  If we eat unhealthy and live a sedentary lifestyle our risk factors increase for heart disease, cancer, and major inflammations.

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Healthy Living for Kids Tips

Terra Wellington talks about how we can choose the right foods and the kids test scores will improve.  Watch her video by clicking the image below.

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Wellness Goals 2010

Terra Wellington shares how this is the beginning of the year and we need to focus on starting fresh with some Wellness Goals.

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