June 2010

Charitable Events & Road to Recovery for Japanese Kilns

Charitable Events
We have made many contributions to our community and one that we would like to share about recently is our time we spent with Collier Harvest United States Postal Service Food Drive. 

Spring was in the air, and our seasonal residents were getting ready to head home.
The Postal Food Drive on May 14th was complete! Last year the food drive helped them collect over 260,000 lbs of food!!! They gave every bit of it away to agencies all around Collier County includin
g Immokalee. More food was needed. This year they wanted to try and reach out to their winter residents before they left to head back up north. When they cleaned out their pantries they wanted to take their food to help feed the hungry in our community. Another way people helped was by collecting wine boxes and banana boxes. This helps them pack and store the food they collected. You can only imagine how many boxes they needed!!

There is an exciting change happening in Collier Harvest. They are now accepting cash donations.  This is another way they can reach out to our community and help fill a need.  When someone gives a cash donation they will do the shopping and deliver the food to a local agency.  If the individual would like the food to be donated to a specific agency they can do that. It is a win-win arrangement.  The person who gives them a donation is helping fill a hungry belly. The person in need is fed.

We believe in giving back to our community and so this month is all about community organizations.  If you have an organization that you would like to provide us with information about it, send it our way.
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Road to Recovery for Japanese Kilns 
In one of my magazine's that I enjoy, ceramics monthly I was reading an article about the Kilns of Mashiko and how after the Japanese earthquake their was an estimated $9 million in damages to the Mashiko pottery.  Our prayers go out to our fellow pottery artists.  The article went on to explain that "Saving the fire of the kilns is preserving our tradition of Mashiko as the sacred place of Mingei.  We must keep the smoke coming out of chimneys in Mashiko.  Right now, what is most important is that the potters have the hearts to want to rebuild kilns." Matsuzaki said.  They went on to have their year's spring pottery festival which was held April 29-May 5, 2011.  By titling it "Persevere and Revive Mashiko," they have already taken the first steps on the road to their recovery. 


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