Aug 2011

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The Clay Place was featured in the Naples Florida Weekly this year.


How do you describe your art?
It's been called whimsical and funtional.  I'd say my style is 80 percent functional and 20 percent fun and creative.

Where can we see your work?
It's in the gift shop at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club and at the Esquisite Gift Shop in North Naples.  There's also an extensive collection at my studio, and sales are available on my website.  

Are you working on any special projects?
I'm making some interesting clay cannons as decorative pieces for landscape designs.  They are hung in the water until barnacles form; they look like they're 200 years old and are very realistic.  I am also working on a line of covered baking dishes of various sizes, among other things.

What inspires you?
The sum total of my life experiences, plus the Scriptures.  Also, the people who have impacted my life: teachers, friends, family, business associates.

Where do you work?
My working artist studio, The Clay Place, has been at 1555 Shadowlawn for 31 years.  For 10 years before that, I was at the Naples Airport in the old Daniels Ice House.

How do you think your art contributes to the community?
I've tried to show that not all artists have to cut their ears off, or have to be tortured, in order to work!

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Jars of Clay
In other entertaining news, have you listened to any of the songs by Jars of Clay?  They've been on the radio lately as they are coming to the Orlando Florida area. Their name caught our attention, anything with Clay in the name must be good!   Jars of Clay's The Shelter takes its title from the old Irish proverb, "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live."  The veteran folk/pop combo captures the theme by making the album a communal project with the aid of a veritable who's who of Christian artists.  Driving acoustic guitars, galloping dance beats and touches of retro-synthesizer are a great part of the music.  It's the guest vocalists that give The Shelter its real impact, though.  Mac Powell, tobyMac, Sara Groves, Brandon Heath, and Leigh Nash are among the luminaries who join JoC lead singer Dan Haseltine in their songs.   Let us know if you've listened to any other music with Clay in the title.   If you'd like to learn more about their music you can visit their website at  

~ Quote of the Month


Jer 19:1 NIV This is what the LORD says: “Go and buy a clay jar from a potter."


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