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House of God

"This stone, which I have set up as a pillar, will be God's house" (Genesis 28:22)

Did you know that the first house of the LORD consisted of nothing more than an upright stone stained with olive oil. Jacob's desire to establish a house for God on earth found expression in the construction of the Tabernacle when the LORD said, "Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them." (Exodus 25:8). After that, it was in the heart of King David to build a house for the name of the LORD, the God of Israel, but the LORD said to him, "You shall not build the house, but your son who will be born to you, he will build the house for My name." (1 Kings 8:19). Then Solomon arose and said, "I have risen in place of my father David and sit on the throne of Israel, as the LORD promised, and have built the house for the name of the LORD, the God of Israel." (1 Kings 8:20). In the Messianic Era to come, King Messiah the Son of David will build up the house of the LORD. It will be called a House of Prayer for all nations. Then the nations will stream to it, and it will be lifted above the mountains. The nations will refer to the Holy Temple in Messianic Jerusalem as "The house of the God of Jacob".

Jacob took the first, simple step toward that lofty vision of the Messianic Era when he stood up a stone on end and anointed it at Bethel. "Who has despised the day of small things?" (Zechariah 4:10).

From all of this, what resonates so much in my mind and spirit is that the desires, the heart, and motivations from everyone involved throughout the generations were fixed on this...they wanted to build for HIS NAME! Their hearts were so full of love for the LORD God that they wanted to do all things simply for HIS NAME! David wasn't even offended when the LORD said no to him but said yes to King David's son who would build His sanctuary, and Solomon wasn't even born yet!

My challenge to myself and to you is this: are the things born out of our heart of burning love for Him to build our assignment or someone else's. It's time for us to ponder, wait, and yield to His desires above our own for the fullness of the blessing to come!
~Denise Emerine
Hope Park - Isaiah 61

Hope Park

The Isaiah 61 Project

In 1983, the Center for Choice opened in Toledo. Almost immediately, intercessors and faithful men and women began prayer and outreach to the women entering the abortion clinic. Moreover, they prayed for the clinic to close.

Decades and over 50,000 abortions later, the Center for Choice has finally closed it's doors forever.

Some amazing things have happened since then and it is clear God wants to bring healing and restoration our city and to thousands of post-abortive men and women! It's time to bring the building down, tear out the foundation, and create a beautiful space for God's FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE to bring peace and comfort to all those impacted by abortion!

As of August 26th, the building has been demolished! But we still need your help to finish clearing the land, and lay a new foundation for Hope Park - a beautiful garden and memorial that will stand on this ground.

At the closing of the Center for Choice, the number of documented abortions in that facility was 50,000 lives as reported by the Blade. Our city still has abortions currently happening at the Capital Care facility. Based on the Ohio Department of Health's calculations, we have estimated that close to 61,000 abortions have been done totally between the two.

Please read Isaiah 61 and pray with us for the $610,000 to be raised to build the park that will memorialize the 61,000 unborn of our city.
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“This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: “Anyone of His people among you-may the Lord his God be with him and let him go up.” (2 Chronicles 36.23)

Aliyah is a Hebrew word that literally means “to go up” or “ascend.” In the passage above, King Cyrus was giving his blessing to Jewish people who wished to return or “go up” to rebuild Jerusalem and other areas of Israel after their 70 years of captivity in Babylon. 

There are approximately 70 passages in the bible that refer to the return of the Jewish people to their land. Some verses specify that it will be “in the latter days.” Other scriptures speak of this migration coming from every corner of the earth. In many places the Lord declares explicitly and emphatically, “I will bring you back.”

When Israel became a nation in 1948 and the restrictions on immigration were finally lifted, Jews who had survived the ravages of the Holocaust poured into their “Promised Land” from countries across Europe. 

In addition, they fled from all the surrounding Arab countries, including 47,000 Jews from Yemen. From Morocco 170,000 returned, and 14,000 came from Algeria. There were 104,000 Jews who literally had to be smuggled “home” out of Iraq. Between 1948 and 1955, the Jewish population in Israel doubled. 

Almost 30,000 have been rescued form tyrannical regimes in Ethiopia. In one weekend in the early 1990’s, 14,400 were taken home on Israeli El-Al commercial airliners just 36 hours before the Ethiopian airport was attacked and closed by advancing Marxist rebels. At one point there were 24 jumbo jets without empty seats ferrying back and forth from Ethiopia to Israel to complete the rescue. 

Surely this was one of the fulfillments of Isaiah 60.8. “Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests?” What an accurate description of a return home by airplane-2,600 years before the advent of air travel!

Israel has welcomed her people home from every corner of the earth since 1948. Their assimilation into Israeli society has been remarkable considering all the cultural and language differences that challenge new arrivals. 

The Lord is working out His promises to Jewish people before our very eyes. And we have yet to see the greatest and most glorious aspects of what He will do. Jeremiah describes an Aliyah yet to come that will overshadow the great Exodus out of Egypt. “However, the days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when men will no longer say ‘as surely as the Lord lives, who brought us out of Egypt,’ but they will say, ‘As surely as the Lord lives who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where he had banished them.’ For I restore them to the land I gave their forefathers.” (Jeremiah 16.14-15)

Thank You, lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for fulfilling Your promises to Israel’s forefathers that their descendants would return to the land you gave them. We believe that You will never forget what You have spoken until all is fulfilled. We give You glory for your faithfulness!

~ Excerpt from "God Keeps Covenant" by Wendy D. Beckett ~ used with permission ~

Releasing the 8 blessings of Hanukkah 

This year, the year of Jerusalem's Jubilee (50 years since the reunification of the city of Jerusalem), we have a very special opportunity to bless Zion, the hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built. It's referred to as Jerusalem! It is unlike any other year before. Did you know that Hanukkah is VERY applicable to us today? The short story version is that during the 2nd century BC, Antiochus IV tried to force the Jews to assimilate into Greek culture...even to the extent of prohibiting Jewish religious observance... "No Jewish worship. No circumcision. You must assimilate!" So began the Maccabean revolt that ended in 164 BC, after 3 years of battle when the Maccabees finally defeated Antiochus' armies and reclaimed Jerusalem. After their victory, the Jewish fighters entered the Holy Temple, finding it was in shambles and littered with pagan idols, including Zeus. Pigs had been sacrificed on the altar. The Temple was defiled in every way. When it was time to light the Menorah the Maccabees found only one jar of Holy oil bearing the seal of the High Priest, Yochanan (John). The men were forced to light the Menorah in faith that this small amount of oil would last--it would take a MIRACLE! And it was through a miracle of God that the oil burned for 8 days--the time it took the priests to prepare more Holy oil. This was the true miracle of Hanukkah! God provided. It is difficult to read the story of Hanukkah and not see us in a very similar place today--a place where we are warring for the culture.

Yeshua identifies Himself with Hanukkah as the Servant who brings the Light to the world. The center candle of the Hanukkiah (9 branched menorah) is referred to as the "Shammas," or "Servant" candle--the one candle that provides Light for all eight. 

This year Hanukkah begins on the evening of December 24-January 1. 

Five Reasons to keep Hanukkah

1. Did you know that Hanukkah is the Festival of the Light of the World? Hanukkah is the Festival of Light. It celebrates the relighting of the menorah lamp that burned in God’s Holy Temple. In rabbinic terminology, the menorah was called the “light of the world.” Yeshua said, “I am the Light of the world,” and another time He told His disciples, "You are the light of the world". If Hanukkah is the Festival of the Light of the World, shouldn't it matter to us?

2. Did you know that Hanukkah is in the Gospels? Hanukkah is not mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures because the story of Hanukkah happened after the last book of the Torah (five books of Moses) had been written. However, Hanukkah is mentioned in the Apostolic Scriptures. Yeshua went to Temple for the Feast of Hanukkah. If Hanukkah matters to Yeshua, shouldn’t it matter to us? 

3. Did you know that Hanukkah is a story of religious persecution? Hanukkah is a story of religious persecution and standing up for faith in God. Yeshua tells us we can expect persecution, but He also tells us that we must stand firm in our faith. If that’s what the story of Hanukkah is about, shouldn’t it matter to us? 

4. Did you know that Hanukkah commemorates the dedication of God’s Temple? Hanukkah means “dedication.” It is a remembrance of when the Jews rededicated God’s Holy Temple to serve only the LORD. The Apostolic Scriptures tell us that we are God’s Temple. If Hanukkah is a festival about the dedication of God’s Temple, and we are God’s Temple, shouldn’t it matter to us? 

5. Did you know that Yeshua talked about Hanukkah?  Yeshua talked about Hanukkah. He warned His disciples that the things that happened in the story of Hanukkah would happen again (Mark 13:13–16, Matthew 24:15–18). To understand what He was saying, His disciples had to know the story of Hanukkah. If Yeshua talked about the story of Hanukkah, and His disciples knew the story, “You are the light of the world.” If Hanukkah is the Festival of the Light of the World, shouldn’t it matter to us?

Upcoming Events

  • Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
    5/3 Prayer Tower for New Year's Eve. 10pm-1am.
    One Seagate, Suite 1630
    Summit Street, Toledo, OH
  • Watchmen’s Call
    Pray with us @GTHOP
    See prayer calendar...

    Note: December 23-January 2nd GTHOP Prayer room will be closed.
  • Monthly Bridegroom Fast
    Monday, December 5th - Sunday, December 11th.
    Monday, January 2nd - Wednesday, January 4th.
    About the Bridegroom Fast...
  • Shabbat Friday at 7pm at GTHOP  (1501 Monroe Street): It is a time of fellowship, and sharing the Roots of our Heritage through Yeshua (Jesus, the Jewish Savior).
    Note: December 23-January 2nd GTHOP Prayer room will be closed. Shabbat services will resume January 6th
  • Warrior Prayer Join the War Room for a time of prayer and intercession for the children in the age group 4 to 19 on December 15th.
  • Every Monday from 5pm-6pm: Join us for strategic prayer and worship at the Hope Park (Isaiah 61 project) land located at the former Center For Choice abortion clinic - 328 22nd Street, Toledo OH. Pray for the $610,000 to be raised to build the park and memorialize the 61,000 unborn of our city.
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