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Attached is the seventh issue of the Small Business Force Newsletter. In this issue, we highlight four critical pieces of advice:
  • “You’re empowered, transparent and authentic...but are you making any money? How not to let buzz-words drive your business!”
  • “To achieve customer satisfaction...don’t focus on it!”
  • “What if you got an offer to buy your company from competitor? What would you do?” 
  • “It’s that dreaded budget time again! Put those Excel spreadsheets away.  Yoda has a solution for you.”

I hope, at least one of these resonates with you. The objective is to give you some quick-hitting advice, in very digestible chunks, helpful in solving the kind of knotty business problems you, periodically, face.  It might also provide some guidance that opens a whole new way of thinking about your growth, your employees, your customers, or even your culture? Hopefully, we’re hitting the mark.

We’ve tweaked the format to make it even easier to read. You should be able to get through it all, in total, in 15 minutes or less.

This newsletter will continue to come to you every two weeks. All at, absolutely, no cost to you.  Zero!! As “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda,” my passion is inspiring and guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their dreams. I just want to share, no strings attached.

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by The Entrepreneur's Yoda

Weekly Tip

Beware the "buzz-words!"

They, usually, originate in big corporations not entrepreneurial endeavors. Often they are words or phrases that were either never meant to be used in a business context, but because they sound lofty, get picked up by the consulting community (who often come out of big companies, where they lived by buzz-words).

They hump the words like there's no tomorrow, until those words simply becomes part of the business lexicon. The problem with "buzz-words" is they become words to hide behind; to put under your pillow at night so you can sleep better. Today, there are three such words: empower, authentic and transparent. And, according to experts, if you practice all three your business will be set.

Unfortunately, while there are elements of importance behind the words, and "buzz-words" may help you feel like you're "in the mainstream," they won't necessarily contribute to your small business success. In fact, they may detract!

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Latest Blog

To Achieve Customer Satisfaction - Don’t Focus on It!

In, virtually, every entrepreneurial business, customer satisfaction becomes a major objective. But, too many are obsessed with a “customer satisfaction level” – some arbitrary, very subjective number that they think will do it. Sometimes, it’s just part of the way a company wants to do business. In others, it’s a reaction; maybe to a series of negative emails or tweets or Facebook posts about their product or their service. But, customer satisfaction is a result; usually, of successfully executing a series of basic processes, procedures and guidelines in multiple areas of the company, often, only indirectly related to the actual customer.

You don’t manage results. You manage process. You don’t focus on the scoreboard. You focus on what it will take to put points on the board.

Must Read

“How to Handle an Acquisition Offer from a Competitor.”
— John Warrillow,

A direct competitor can often be the most natural buyer for your business: they understand it best, it’s an opportunity to pick up market share increase profits by eliminating many of the common costs that are redundant with theirs. But there is a challenge negotiating the sale of your business to a competitor. If the deal falls through, you can end up regretting all the secrets you shared with the competitor in the process.

John Warrilow is an entrepreneur in his own right and author of “Built To Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You,” recognized by both Fortune and Inc magazines as one of the best books of 2011. In this article for Forbes, he writes about John Bodrozic, co-founder of Meridian Systems, a provider of project management software for the construction industry, who began negotiations with a direct competitor and ended up living to regret it.



Yoda-approved tech tip: It’s budget time! And here’s a great solution.

Budget Maestro® by Centage is an easy-to-use, scalable, automated budgeting, planning, and forecasting application. It’s designed for small to mid-market companies and automates many of the time-consuming and error-prone activities associated with using spreadsheets to generate accurate budgets and forecasts.

It features built in financial and business logic that allow users to build and update their budgets and forecasts and never worry about formulas, functions, links or any custom programming. It is the only solution in the market that offers synchronized P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow reporting that generate automatically and seamlessly update. Plus, it integrates with most small business accounting software. And you can try it free!

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