"IT ALL BEGINS AND ENDS IN YOUR MIND. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.” 
Leon Brown
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Taking it Slow
Shown Above: Photo by Lacy Philips of FREE+NATIVE via Pure Green

Hello Friends & Readers! 

I hope you are all well and happy this Sunday morning! I mentioned last week that my family and I had gotten sick. We're still struggling with those same aches, pains, and stuffy noses. Mine actually turned into a double ear infection (I've never had one, like ever), and so I've been spending the week in a state of near madness, feeling like I swallowed a swimming pool through my inner ear, and now it's just living there, sloshing around. A strange thing happened though. My late mother in law was an avid journaler, writing not just in books but on scraps of paper at random. I came across just such a scrap in an old book, and she wrote, of all things, about an ear infection she was fighting. She was a deeply insightful, wise person, and her comments on her infection was, "What am I not hearing? What is the world trying to tell me, that I'm not listening to?" I was struck at that moment by the intrigue of that thought, and I began to feel that this was a unique opportunity (I silently thanked her for turning this around for me, missing her very much in that moment): When your ears are filled with fluid, or blocked by congestion, there is a strange sensation of being in your own head. Things echo inside: your heartbeat, the sound of your own voice, your thoughts, and outside sounds are muffled. And I realized then, thinking back to her note, that what I wasn't hearing was myself. I was letting deadlines and pressures placed upon me (largely by my own self) dictate how I felt each day, and then causing me to feel dissatisfaction with what I had accomplished. And so, through an extremely uncomfortable ear infection I feel as though I had a little awakening. Funny how that works, isn't it?

This week on the Pure Green website we had a new guest contributor share her thoughts on taking care of yourself first in order to better serve others. It's not a position of selfishness, but a realization that if the wheels fall off, the car stops moving. We're happy to introduce this new line of intentional living to our content, a topic I've been hinting at in these weekly letters, and am excited to explore deeper. What about you? Are you with me? And while we're discussing new topics, is there anything you would like to see more of in the topics we cover, especially as the launch of our new website comes ever closer? Or something totally new perhaps? We're very open and excited to know your thoughts, so please share what you're thinking! Reply to this email with any comments, feedback or suggestions.

With thanks and gratitude,

PS - Because I was sick, we missed another week of the podcast. I pulled a few episodes I particularly enjoyed instead, in case you might have missed them. See below, and don't worry, next week the pod is back with Heather Crosby of Yum Universe as our guest!!

Founder/Editor, Pure Green Magazine
Pure Green Podcast with Claire Ragozzino


Eating and Living Mindfully with Claire Ragozzino

So, so, so much good stuff in this one. We talk nutrition, cleansing, balance, yoga, Ayurveda, and more. Get detailed show notes with time stamps to help you navigate the show, and listen to the podcast.

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"I recently moved from Maine, where all my dearest friends live, to North Carolina and the podcasts are like listening to conversations with like-minded folks who inspire me to keep the essence of my simple, green Maine life."
Abigail, via email
Pure Green Podcast with Andrew Nisker


Dark side of the Chew with Andrew Nisker

What you didn't know about chewing gum with celebrated Canadian film director Andrew Nisker. A must listen! Get detailed show notes with time stamps to help you navigate the show, and listen to the podcast.

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Intentional living with Lacy Philips of FREE+NATIVE

We love FREE+NATIVE, a journal and holistic guide to for beauty, wellness, and intentional living, and are thrilled to have her for a 4-part series on intentional living.  

Click to read her first on the importance of prioritizing your own wellbeing. 
Celine's Eco Travel Essentials


A peek inside my bag

A quick rundown on the nontoxic, natural products I love so much I took them with me in my bag to Mexico!  

See the list!

Make Chai Tea from Scratch


With Corynn Fowler

We were so happy to post this spicy, deliciously warming and gorgeous recipe for making Chai lattes from scratch (by Corynn Fowler) on the blog this week. It's still super chilly over here and we are SO looking forward to making this over the weekend!

Get the recipe
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