"DREAMS DON'T WORK unless you do."
- John C. Maxwell
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Gift Wrapping Pure Green Magazine
Eco friendly gift wrap by Carolyn Creates. Check out her feature on the PGM blog!
Good Morning!

Woops! Sunday came and went, and my letter to you was sitting in draft, not sent. Toddlers with colds and holiday preparations are to blame! It's the last couple of days before Christmas, and I'm sure you must be on the go with last minute preparations as well, so thanks for taking a few moments with me here! 

Last week I shared a link to Susannah Conway's workbook to help you set goals for 2015. A lot of you followed that link, so I truly hope you found it helpful. I also mentioned that my goal for the week was to have my word for 2015 chosen, and I did it! It came to me easier than I thought, while I was in the shower (isn't that where we all do some of our best thinking?!). I've been living with this gut feeling that the year ahead was going to be significant, and based on the long range forecast, I think I'm right about that. So, my word is EVOLUTION. After writing it down and sitting with it for a couple of days, it feels right. I chose it
 because it means BOTH growth and change. It's a metamorphosis towards a better being, and reminding me that even when it doesn't feel like it we are always progressing. Did anybody else choose a defining word for the year ahead? I'm planning to choose a great font that I love and print a nice little reminder, framed next to the bed, to help keep me on target.

Take some time and enjoy the last couple of days in 2014. Gather round family and friends, celebrate your family's traditions, and just revel in the goodness of it all. I want to share my heartfelt thanks to you all for reading and supporting Pure Green this year - I really can't properly express how grateful I am, for without you there would be no PGM. Here's to the evolution of the magazine and our friendship in 2015! Stick around, it's going to be great.

Read on below for some snippets of what went on this week at PGM, and I'll see you next week.  

Happy holidays to you all, w
ith love and gratitude,

Founder/Editor, Pure Green Magazine

PS - Missed last week's letter? Access it here.
Pure Green Podcast with Claire Ragozzino


Eating & Living Mindfully with Claire Ragozzino

Claire Ragozzino is the voice and blogger behind Vidya Cleanse. She's a certified holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor. She speaks with a gentle cadence, and her interview is full of inspiration, serving as a guide for anyone seeking to learn more from their bodies, who wants to feel better, or just, more centered. Lately I've come to think that the cultural ideal of balance in life and work that we all seek is a myth, but Claire sort of restored my faith in the pursuit. I suppose that's why she's the teacher, and I am the student.

During the show we talk about Claire's learning journey to living and eating mindfully. We talk about yoga, and the sometimes cultural imbalance we hold towards the discipline. We talk of cleansing, how to set a goal or resolution and stick to it (hint, it's not about aiming straight for the top). We talk of Ayurvedic nutrition (like what the heck that is), how to listen to your body, and why having a hand in preparing your food is important. There's a lot to hear in this podcast, I know you'll enjoy it. Even if you're interests don't lie in yoga, or holistic nutrition, it's worth the time spent.

"Start with the now. Don't get too far ahead of yourself." - Claire Ragozzino

Get detailed show notes with time stamps to help you navigate the show, and listen to the podcast.

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P.S. - Coming up on boxing day we're talking with film director Andrew Nisker about his new film Dark Side of the Chew. It's another really great episode!
Amy's Book
Claire Ragozzino of Vidya Cleanse. Photo by Choate House.
PGM December Playlist


Compiled by PGM Web Editor Katherine Oakes

In many ways the essence of the holidays is lyrical, melodic and inspiring-- an aesthetic that most certainly resonates with that of Pure Green. . Even as the pace of the season picks up finding an opportunity to pause amidst it all lends a sweetness and simplicity to this time of year that is unparalelled to any other.

Have a listen!
Reducing holiday waste with Caroline Creates


With Caroline Creates

We caught up with Caroline to ask her about her ethos behind the business and for some much appreciated tips on how to reduce waste during the holidays.

Read the post.
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