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Friday Features  -   9.06.13
Montessori Moment

School Accreditation

The Montessori School of Bowling Green is proud of the national accreditations we hold. MSBG was the first accredited Montessori school in Ohio and remains one of the premier accredited institutions in the area.

Accreditation is a service provided to full-member schools by the American Montessori Society. The Montessori School of Bowling Green was first accredited in 1982 and was approved for re-accreditation last year, effective through 2020. 

During the application process, every aspect of the school is examined and documented, including governance, curriculum, fiscal and personnel policies, facilities, health and safety practices, teacher preparation, and learner outcomes.

All AMS accredited schools must maintain compliance with school accreditation standards and work toward continuous improvement. Each accredited school submits a yearly report outlining progress toward the objectives in its strategic plan.

The Montessori School of Bowling Green is also accredited through the National Council for Private School Accreditation.


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Saturday, September 7
STEM in the Park, 10am-2pm
Cross Country Meet: Tiffin Carnival
Black Swamp Arts Festival

Monday, September 9
Cross Country, 3:15-4:30pm
K-2 Cross Country, 3:15-4:00pm
Lil' Dragons, 3:15-3:45pm
Girl Scouts, 6:30pm

Tuesday, September 10
Al Mar Bowling, 3:15pm
Cross Country, 3:15-4:30pm
Youth Karate, 3:15-4pm
CAPE Mtg, 6:30pm

Wednesday, September 11
First Great Lesson (Elementary)

Thursday, September 12
Cross Country, 3:15-4:30pm
K-2 Cross Country, 3:15-4:00pm
Lil' Dragons, 3:15-3:45pm

Friday, September 13
Cross Country, 3:15-4:30pm
Youth Karate, 3:15-4pm

Do you have something to add to Friday Features? Please email Jess (jessica@montessorischoolbg.org)
by 4pm on Wednesdays. 


CAPE: Parent Association
Interested in getting involved in CAPE? Have ideas to share? Want to use your superpowers to help make MSBG great? Come to our first meeting of the year! Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 7 pm, CAPE will meet in the foyer to discuss plans for the year in social events, fundraising, and teacher support. Everyone is welcome!

Click HERE for more information about CAPE.

Upcoming Events:

Click on the images below for more information on each event!




GL Scrip
GL Scrip is a great way to earn free tuition money!
Did you know that our school offers a program that pays rebates on gift card purchases which can be applied directly to your tuition account?  GL Scrip is a nonprofit organization that sells gift cards which pay rebates back to the school in your name.  These rebates range anywhere from 1.5% to 18% of your purchase.  Last year, 27 of our families participated in this plan and earned a combined $6,323.63 in tuition credits! There are hundreds of businesses that participate in the GL Scrip program.  With a little planning, you can earn credits by shopping at your normal establishments and eating at your favorite restaurants.  Here is just a sample of the cards that are offered in the GL Scrip program:
Arby’s                                     7.74%
Barnes & Noble                    8.74%
Bath & Body Works 12.74%
Bob Evans                            9.74%
Children’s Place                  11.74%
Elder Beerman                     9.74%
Family Video             11.74%
Gymboree                              12.74%
Home Depot                          3.74%
iTunes                                    4.74%
L.L.Bean                                15.74%
Lands’ End                           15.74%
Marathon                               3.74%
P.F. Changs                         7.74%
Spaghetti Warehouse         17.74%
Speedway                             3.74%
Panera Bread                       8.74%
Staples                                   9.74%
Starbucks                              6.74%
TJ Maxx                                 6.74%
Walmart                                 2.24%
Zappos.com                          7.74%
To find out all of the cards offered by GL Scrip, visit www.shopwithscrip.com.  Many of the cards are also offered in e-card form allowing you to purchase and have them via e-mail within an hour (most within minutes).  To sign up for GL Scrip, follow the instructions provided in your registration packet or contact Alisa.Suelzer@gmail.com for the instructions.  All participants are required to sign up for Presto Pay which is a direct link to your checking account and allows for you to pay for cards instantly online.  It takes a few days to get set up with Presto Pay, but the ease of ordering after you are done is well worth it.
Orders for physical cards need to be placed by 8:30 on Monday mornings and the cards are available to be picked up in the front office by 9:00 am on Thursday of the same week.  Orders are placed everyMonday during the school year except for vacations.
If you are already registered for GL Scrip and haven’t ordered in awhile, take the opportunity to start ordering again now!
Check out our GL Scrip program today.  Earning free money has never been easier!
Kroger Rewards
Kroger Rewards 1st Quarter Payment Has Arrived!
For those of you participating in the Kroger Rewards program, the 1st quarter payment has arrived!  Due to privacy concerns, Kroger no longer provides individual card detail to the school with the payment.  However, each of you can log in to your Kroger account online and print out the benefit that was paid on your behalf.  If you then turn in this statement to the school office, we will credit your tuition account for that amount.  Be sure to have any of your friends and family that signed their cards up with Montessori as their charity to print out their statements as well.    We will need all statements turned in to the office no later than September 15, 2013.  After that time, any remaining benefit will be donated to the CAPE parent association and the school scholarship fund.
Here are the instructions to print out your form:
1)       Go to www.kroger.com
2)      Click on “Sign In” and enter your e-mail and password.
3)      Click on My Account -> Account Summary
4)      Select File -> Print
5)      Write your student’s name at the top of the statement
6)      Turn the statement into the school office by September 15th
If you have any questions about the Kroger Program, feel free to contact Alisa Suelzer at Alisa.Suelzer@gmail.com.  If you would like more information on how you can benefit from the Kroger Rewards program, see the materials included in the registration packet or contact Alisa and she will be happy to help you get started.  It is a super easy way to earn free money!



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Save the Date
September 7
STEM in the Park

September 10
CAPE: Parent Association Mtg

September 10
School Picture Day

September 19
Cross Country Invitational
Click HERE for the flyer.

September 26
McDonald's Fundraiser

October 5
Harvest Party

October 12
Adult Social
@ Campus Quarters

October 16
Teacher Work Day
No School
Extended Care Available

October 21-23
Upper Elementary
Outdoor Education Camp

October 24-25
Parent/Teacher Conferences
No School
Extended Care Available

 full calendar is available on our website at all times.
Community News

The Black Swamp Arts Festival is this weekend. Click HERE for more information.

Interested in learning Ukulele? There is free beginners' ukulele class at the public library set to begin September 12 at 7pm. Click HERE for more information.

On September 14, there is a  NWO Apraxia Support
Awareness Walk at 
Bowling Green City Park. Click HERE for more information.

The Studio Connection has wonderful musical opportunities for children. Click HERE for more information.

The Wood County Historical Museum has many upcoming events.
Go to woodcountyhistory.org for more information.

Wood County District Public Library has some great events, activities and programs.
Go to wcdpl.org for more information.

BG Parks and Recreation has a variety of activities for all ages. Go to bgohio.org for more information.

Classroom News
Each week, the classrooms all update their news page on our website for your enjoyment.

Read them today! 

East  Classroom
West Classroom
Lower Elementary Classroom
Upper Elementary Classroom

Happy Thoughts

MSBG Wishes to send our happy thoughts to:

Happy Thoughts to our Cross Country team on their first meet this weekend!

Happy Thoughts to all our pregnant moms for good health, especially Dani Arbinger who is on hospital bedrest. Thank you to those of you making the family meals.

Happy Thoughts for Miss Stephanee for good health.

Do you have a happy thought? Please share it with us today.

Parent Development

A new parent talk session will be coming this fall: October 3-November 7!

This six-week session is invaluable parent information and education.

Approximately 70 people have graduated from this course and ALL highly recommend it.

Click HERE for more information and to register.

Spots are limited to 16 people so mark your calendars today!

GL Scrip
Earn Free Money!

Scrip is a great way to save on tuition money! 

With gift cards and scripnow, shopping can save you money!

CLICK HERE for the instruction sheet.

Login to 
to check out all that is available. 

Send an e-mail to 
for assistance.

Earning free money has never been easier!

Earn Free Money!

Kroger offers an excellent community rewards program.

This can benefit your family by saving you tuition money (you will need to print an additional form four times a year) or it can benefit the school by providing additional money to the parent association and scholarship fund!

CLICK HERE for the instruction sheet.

Login to 
to enroll today!

Send an e-mail to 
for assistance.

Earning free money has never been easier!

Things to keep in mind...Another benefit of being part of the MSBG school community is the option to rent our facility. MSBG has a rental agreement policy and has beautiful rooms and kitchens available for your event. Stop in the office for more information. (419) 352-4203 
Vending Machine
Did you know? A portion of the proceeds from the 7up vending machine located by the head of the Slippery Elm Trail benefits MSBG!

Foyer Coffee
Join us for coffee everyday in the foyer and muffins on Friday; a service-learning opportunity provided by our Upper Elementary students! 

Easy Ways to Help our School!
We collect BOX TOPS and JUICE BOX pouches to raise money for special activities.  Click HERE for fascinating new programs related to BOX TOPS. 

We also collect LABELS FOR EDUCATION. The labels are exchanged for school products.

Love TARGET? They have a rewards program that helps benefit MSBG as a nonprofit organization. Click HERE to sign up today!

Kroger Community Rewards
 To sign up, you simply need to login to your Kroger Plus website account and link the Kroger Community Rewards benefit to MSBG (our number is 80235).  The money benefits programming, scholarships and purchase of materials.

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