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Montessori Moment
From Dean and Bev Bechstein; their son Jared graduated MSBG last year from the sixth grade.

Jared began at MSBG at age 4 in the early childhood program.  As an educator, I was looking for more than day care for our son and visited numerous places before settling on Montessori – it was an easy decision and has paid abundant dividends for both of our children.  Over the years, Jared has had several loving and dedicated teachers who have invested their time and talents in his education.  As he approached “graduation” last year, we worried, as every parent does about leaving.  While he still misses the nurturing environment of MSBG, he has flourished at Bowling Green Middle School.  He in enrolled in Honors English and Pre-Algebra and has continued in band.  He has been accepted into the jazz band and is enjoying this new experience.  He has been on the honor roll since the beginning of the year and has been selected as student of the month for citizenship.  When we asked him how he felt about this, his humble response was that he didn’t feel as though he did anything special.  Jared continues to be an avid chess player as he has been since Kindergarten.  He ran with the Cross Country Team this year, is currently playing Upward Basketball and plans to participate in Track & Field this spring.
MSBG changed our son’s life and provided him with an excellent foundation where he embraces learning, has compassion for others and gives of himself.  These amazing skills will serve him well as he continues his education and most importantly his life journey.  Jared says that MSBG was a great place to learn and he wishes he could have stayed forever; he enjoyed the close relationships he formed with friends and teachers and feels that this made learning enjoyable and enriching (I learned more mom!).

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Monday, February 25
Montessori Education Week
School Appreciation Day
Wear Rockstar Attire

GL Scrip Orders Due, 8:30am
Assembly, 9am
Welcome BGSU Environmental Communications Class, 11:30am
Elementary German Class, 3:15-4pm
Karate Lil' Dragons, 3:15-4pm
GLCA Chess Match at Crim Elementary, 4pm
Community Toddler Music Class, 6pm 
Board Meeting, 6pm
Girl Scouts, 6:30pm

Tuesday, February 26
Montessori Education Week
Parent Appreciation Day
Find your parent gift in the foyer!

Parent Chat, 8:45am, Banishing Bedtime Blues
Karate for Youth, 3:15-4:00pm, Oberheu 
Creative Movement, 3:15-4pm, Rm 201
Al Mar Bowling, 3:15pm

Wednesday, February 27
Montessori Education Week
Teacher Appreciation Day
Wear MSBG Attire
Thank you PTO for providing teachers with dinner!

Community Music Classes, 9:15 & 10:30am

Thursday, February 28
Montessori Education Week
Student Appreciation Day
Wear pajamas!
Faculty will make muffins for all students.

Karate Lil' Dragons, 3:15-4pm
Creative Movement, 3:15-4pm, Rm 201
Parent Talk Course, 6:30-8:30pm, Rm 201

Friday, March 1
Montessori Education Week
Community Appreciation Day
Wear Community Hats and Shirts

Community Assembly, 9am
Welcome Maria Simon (WCDPL), Judge Reddin, Chief Deputy Eric Reynolds, and Shirley Woessner (WC Food Pantry)
Peace PALs, 9:30am
EC German Class, 3:15-4pm
Karate for Youth, 3:15-4pm
Prime Time Reading Night, 3rd-6th Grade
Enrollment Packets for the 2013-14 school year are sent home home to current families.

Calling all drink pouches, Box Tops, and Labels for Education! Please bring in what you have at home. We are preparing to send them all in to get our rebates and rewards.

full calendar is available online:
Read the Upper Elementary Blog

Montessori Education Week

February 25-March 1

International Montessori Education Week is a "Spirit Week" designed to celebrate the richness of Montessori education. We have a variety of exceptionally fun activities planned including Rockstar Day and, of course, Pajama Day! CLICK HERE for the flyer.

Spend the Night with Good Friends and Good Books

We are planning a special event to celebrate the love of reading.  Friday Night Prime Time is an overnight reading event for the 3rd-6th grade students and will be held on Friday evening, March 1, 2013.  Its purpose is to encourage students to read by providing the time to read and by combining reading with other enjoyable activities.  Of course, the more your children read, the better readers they will become.  Students across the country who have participated in Friday Night Prime Time have shown an increased interest in reading.  This is an exciting event!
CLICK HERE for the letter.
CLICK HERE for the schedule.
CLICK HERE for the permission form.

Staffing Updates

Welcome Miss Lauren!
Lauren Kostelnik is our new afternoon Administrative Assistant. She holds her bachelor's degree in family and consumer science and has been a substitute teacher this year at MSBG.  She and her husband own Campus Quarters and she has experience in office management, administration, and customer service.  We are very pleased to have this excellent addition to our staff!

Intervention Specialist
We have an Intervention Specialist position available for the 2013-14 school year.  All qualified applicants who hold an Intervention Specialist license are encouraged to apply. A resume and cover letter can be sent to msbg@montessorischoolbg.org.

Tentative 2013-14 Spanish Teacher Position
Miss Amy is tentatively exploring options for more full-time work. We are currently looking for a Spanish instructor for preschool through middle school, approximately 6-8 hours/week. A resume and cover letter can be sent to msbg@montessorischoolbg.org.

Miss Susan: Patterns (Part 1)

In every class I will do a series of both rhythmic and tonal patterns – short rhythmic phrases or little snippets of melody.  I ask everyone to echo me as a group.  As our comfort level dictates, I ask for volunteers to come take solo turns.  Some children delight in this activity, while others don’t want to have anything to do with it.  Much more important is what they do in the comfort of your home, or in your car!  I think of the pattern work we do in class as a model for your child to play with patterns at home.  Ask your student if they would like to be the teacher and play echo games back and forth.  The Music Keys CD's we've provided for your listening at home demonstrate these patterns so you have a clear idea of what we do.  Make music a fun experience at home as well as in the classroom! 
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Montessori Mardi Gras Gala

Thank you to our amazing Gala committee for their fabulous work:
Alisa Suelzer
Anna White
Catherine Clawson
Chelsea Cloeter
Dani Arbinger
Holly Dunn
Jessica Hover
Karmen Concannon
Kate Balusik
Kristin Otley
Meg Vostal
Tammy Starr
Tracy Vanneman

Thank you to our exceptional sponsors:

Executive Level


Business Level

Montessori Mardi Gras Gala 
February 23, 2013
Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids
6-9 pm

Save the Date
February 23
Montessori Gala at Nazareth Hall

February 24 to March 2
Montessori Education Week

March 8
Open House

March 15
Teacher Work Day
CLICK HERE for extended care form.

March 25-29

Grandparents' Week

March 26-29
Spring Book Fair

May 3
Spring Carnival

A full calendar is available on our website at all times.
Community News
BG Parks and Rec is hosting Pint Size Prom. CLICK HERE for the flyer.

Brown Bag lunches happen on Fridays through BG Parks and Rec. CLICK HERE for more information.

BGSU has Saturday Youth Art Programs. CLICK HERE for more information.

The Wood County Historical Museum has many upcoming events. CLICK HERE for more information.

BGSU School of Art has upcoming ARTalks and Events. CLICK HERE for more information.

Wood County District Public Library has some great events, activities and programs.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Each week, the classroom all update their news page on our website for your enjoyment.

East  Classroom
West Classroom
Lower Elementary Classroom
Upper Elementary Classroom

The online Montessori Circle is now published. CLICK HERE to view!
Parent Chat

Join Miss Sue on Tuesdays at 8:45am in the foyer to chat!

February 26
Banishing Bedtimes Blues
Make Bedtime easier and happier.
Happy Thoughts

MSBG Wishes to send our happy thoughts to:

All our supporters, volunteers, and sponsors of this year's Gala! See you Saturday!

Do you have a happy thought? Please share it with us today.


Things to keep in mind...Another benefit of being part of the MSBG school community is the option to rent our facility. MSBG has a rental agreement policy and has beautiful rooms and kitchens available for your event. Stop in the office for more information. (419) 352-4203 
GL Scrip
Every week our school places an order for gift cards (actual cards and many online code options) from all types of retailers including Walmart, Home Depot, Chili’s, Amazon.com, Elder Beerman, and hundreds of other establishments.  Each purchase earns a tuition rebate from anywhere between 2% and 18% of your purchase depending on the store. 

Login to 
to check out all that is available.  Send an e-mail to 
if you would like to have detailed registration instructions sent to you.  Earning free money has never been easier!

for the instruction sheet for Kroger Reward and GL Scrip. Earn FREE MONEY today!
Save on Taxes Today
100 % of our Board of Directors as well as our MSBG Faculty/Staff contribute financially to the school's annual campaign fund. MSBG is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. You can donate to the school and your contribution is fully deductible to the extent of the law.
Kroger Update
Currently, Kroger has a free and easy program for you to save money. CLICK HERE for more information.
School Safety
MSBG maintains a high level of safety and security and believes that the safety of our students, staff and community are of the utmost importance. We partner with local fire, police, health and city departments to ensure all procedures and plans are properly recorded and drills are conducted on a routine basis. We regularly provide staff instruction in all safety procedures to ensure everyone is properly trained.  All visitors to our school should report to the office when they arrive and can ring the doorbell to obtain entrance.  If you see someone at the door you do not know, please allow the office staff to buzz them in or if they are in the building, feel free to ask if you could help them or guide them to the office. As always, please feel free to share with us any concerns you may have.
Save on Taxes

Please remember that "daycare" is a deductible expense. Since Bowling Green City Schools only offers ½ day (2.5 hrs) kindergarten, full day students at MSBG (6.5 hrs) can count 4.0 hrs as daycare (meaning 61.53% of their tuition is tax deductable); half day students can count 100% of their tuition as daycare as long as they attend a BG school the other ½ day. All extended care (any age) and all preschool tuition is also tax deductable. Please email Leigh Ann McKinney, our Business Manager, if you need a childcare credit expense report. She will need a two-week turnaround.
Board Nominations
We are currently seeking recommendations for potential new members of our MSBG Board of Directors. Parents and friends of MSBG are very helpful in reaching out to potential volunteers so we are seeking your recommendations. Generally we are looking for individuals who are involved in the community or who have experience with nonprofits. We are especially looking for someone with fundraising and development expertise. Mostly we want individuals who will be passionate about MSBG! Please let us know of any individuals in the Bowling Green area who you would recommend. They do not have to be directly connected to MSBG. If you have any questions, please contact the school office. Click HERE for the printable form. Click HERE for the online submission form.
Vending Machine
Did you know? A portion of the proceeds from the 7up vending machine located by the head of the Slippery Elm Trail benefits MSBG!

Foyer Coffee
Join us for coffee everyday in the foyer and muffins on Friday; a service-learning opportunity provided by our Upper Elementary students! 

Easy Ways to Help our School!
We collect BOX TOPS and JUICE BOX pouches to raise money for special activities.  Click HERE for fascinating new programs related to BOX TOPS. 

We also collect LABELS FOR EDUCATION. The labels are exchanged for school products.

Love TARGET? They have a rewards program that helps benefit MSBG as a nonprofit organization. Click HERE to sign up today!

Kroger Community Rewards
 To sign up, you simply need to login to your Kroger Plus website account and link the Kroger Community Rewards benefit to MSBG (our number is 80235).  The money benefits programming, scholarships and purchase of materials.

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