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Newsletter Volume 6, Issue 9
Really Looking Back Can Be Motivational


When clients give me an update about their time between our meetings, often their initial "report" is that they haven't done a lot and they feel defeated.  HOWEVER, once we take a closer look at the time between sessions we begin to make some very exciting discoveries.  We see that they did move forward on a goal, they did make an adjustment to how they schedule their day, they did think about the decisions they were making, and/or they did notice a pattern in their behavior. 
The goal of this newsletter is to highlight how very motivating it can be to notice what you are, in fact, doing and what you are thinking around your actions.  I know this because I get to see my clients become inspired by their thoughts and actions. 

Examples of Updates


  • Did not add a grocery stop onto errand and as a result got home on time.
  • Kept track of how long it actually takes to make my pack lunch.
  • Accounted for travel time when planning my time to depart.
  • Got to work on time.

Decision Making

  • Chose not to make the more complicated _____ in order to make the deadline. 
  • Made the decision to not work on the project.

Tasks (that are unpleasant for some)

  • Entered first section of data.
  • Called and made appointment for tech support.
  • Went to medical appointment.
  • Washed plastic items from pile.
  • Spent 15 minutes on processing paper.
  • Asked members of household about questionable items. 


  • Carried to-do list with me.
  • Looked at schedule throughout day.
  • Used a previously created check-list to help pack.


  • Sorting mail when I walk in the door doesn't work—dogs and kids want my attention.
  • Getting up earlier and earlier doesn't help me get to work on time when I keep adding to what I do in the morning.
  • Sorting works better when people are around.

Final Thoughts

By taking some time, my clients and I spend on average 5-10 minutes to list mentally or on paper their updates from the week(s), you may be surprised how motivated (some use the word powerful) you feel.  A calendar can be a useful tool to help think back on the time.   Feel free to let me/us know what you think.

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