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The holidays are over and you might be thinking, "What am I going to do with all of these holiday cards?!"  If this is something that you wonder, keep reading.  The organizing chapter to which I belong discussed a variety of options that I will share with you this month.  
 Holiday Card Ideas

Photo Album
Some people send pictures as their holiday card.  One option for organizing these pictures is to create a holiday card photo album. Each year you can add to the album.  

Hole punch the corners of your cards, string with ribbon, then hang as garland throughout your house. 

Gift Tags
When the holidays roll around next year and you find yourself wrapping gifts, cut your old cards into gift tags.

Cut off the picture half of the card and use it as a postcard. 

Packing Material
Shred your cards and use and colorful and interesting packing material.

St. Jude's  Ranch
St. Jude's has a program where children earn money by reusing old cards to create new ones. Mail the cards UPS "ground" or "bound printed matter" to: 
St. Jude's Card Recycling 
100 St. Jude Street 
P.O. Box 60100 
Boulder City, NV 89006  
You can either send the whole card or just the picture half.

Have fun!


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