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Strategize Organize 
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 9

Summer is here!  If you are planning a summer vacation this newsletter is for you.  

My Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers put this information together: 
Editor: Cynthia Gentit, Eat That Elephant! LLC
Newsletter Advisors: Deb Stanley, Red Letter Day and Betty Huotari, Logical Placement, LLC

 Your Travel Checklist 

Makes the pre-vacation planning as stress free as possible!


When you begin making reservations:

  • Choose a location to keep a file folder you will use to hold all your trip documents – plane reservations, hotel reservations, sightseeing brochures, coupons to use at travel destinations, etc.
  • Find out what you will you have access to – a microwave? Mini-fridge? 
  • Ask the hotel if they offer a AAA discount. It may be worth joining! 
  • Don’t forget to make kennel reservations for Fido early.  

The week before you leave:

  • Go through your wallet. Leave the credit/debit cards you will not need in a safe place, and photocopy the credit cards you will be taking in case yours are stolen.
  • Pay or schedule your bills online for the time you will be gone and a week afterwards to avoid finance charges or late fees while you are gone.  
  • Place a hold on your mail/newspaper or (better) ask a neighbor to pick them up.
  •  If someone will be looking after your pets, be sure to leave enough pet food.
  • Refill prescription meds that will run out before a week after your return. A daily pill holder may be helpful when you are not in your normal routines.
  • If you’re heading to a beach, will you need to purchase a fold-up soft-sided cooler? Sunscreen? Sunburn soother? Check the
    expiration dates on what you have.
  • Traveling with kids? Do you need to purchase wet wipes? Snacks & drinks? Zipper bags for snacks? 
  • Gather what you will need for the kids’ entertainment: CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, handheld games, books, puzzles, travel games,
  • Put a strong plastic trash bag in the glove box in case one of the kids develops motion sickness – you’ll be glad you did!  Grocery
    bags aren’t good for this as they sometimes have small holes in the bottom, but they’re great for regular car litter.
  • Gather the electronic devices you need and test them. Does anything need to be charged? Do you need to purchase any new items or accessories?

A few days before you leave:

  • Withdraw enough cash or get foreign currency if needed.
  • Have small bills in your wallet or (safer) pocket for tipping baggage handlers etc.
  • Confirm any reservations you have made (refer to your trip folder.)
  • Plan what you will be doing each day; put this list in your travel folder. 
  • Purchase travel-sized toiletries so you don’t have to tote the full-sized.

Planning Your Trip

Ben Franklin said it best: “10 minutes of planning saves an hour in execution.”
The websites below may be helpful as you plan your next trip.

  • Not sure if you can afford the trip you are contemplating? A calculator can tell you what the gas costs will be based on current gas prices and mileage rates.  
  • Don’t want fast food? lists the small-town eateries along your route. 
  • Don’t want to see the same old same old? lists off-beat attractions. 
  • Traveling with kids? lists over 100 games and activity ideas for kids.  
  • Flying to your destination?  Most airlines now charge for EVERY piece of checked luggage, and there are strict size and weight limits (check the airline’s website). It may be more cost-effective to pack your kids’ clothes in one large bag rather than multiple smaller ones or for you and your husband to share one large bag, but be sure to weigh and measure the bags to avoid up-charges at check-in. Allow space and weight for items you may purchase or receive on the trip, or consider a lightweight duffel bag you can pack in your suitcase.
Safe Travels!

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