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Newsletter Volume 6, Issue  1

"Stuff" and a Sense of Home 


I find that questions can generate new ways of thinking and can be a good process for encouraging reflection. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) is conducting a study to learn about how clutter impacts a person’s psychological sense of “home.” The study draws upon a survey, using a list of questions and statements.  I looked through the survey and found the prompts were quite interesting. They gave me good insight on how I think about “stuff” and my sense of home.
This newsletter lists some of the questions that are in the survey.  I’m also including a link to the survey for three reasons: 1. As I’ve already stated, questions can be helpful in self-reflection, and for this survey you are allowed to read through and answer as many or as few (zero) questions as you feel comfortable, and, of course, the survey is anonymous. 2. For those of you who want to add your thoughts on “stuff” and sense of home, here’s a wonderful opportunity to facilitate learning about this subject.  3. Whether or not you fill out the survey, you now know about it and can look forward to the results.
Survey Excerpts

The survey has some questions about clutter.  Clutter here is defined as "an overabundance of possessions." Some sample prompts include:
•I try to avoid thinking about the clutter in my home.
•I feel guilty when I think about the clutter in my home.
•I don't get to use spaces in my home the way I would like to because of clutter.
•I feel depressed by the clutter in my home.
Whether or not you feel that you have clutter, there are some basic questions about possessions. For example:
•Part of me is defined by the special possessions in my life.
•I have a special bond with my possessions.
•I consider my favorite possessions to be a part of myself.
The questions that were especially challenging for me to answer were questions about “place,” that is, the neighborhood in which we live.  Here are some examples:
•I find that a lot of my life is organized around this place.
•I identify strongly with this place.
•I enjoy doing the type of things here more than in any other area.
Finally, there is also a set of questions about “home.”
•I put a lot of time and effort into making a home my own.
•I feel more relaxed when I'm at home.
•I surround myself with things that highlight my personality.
•I work at making a place my own. 

Feel free to let me know if the questions and statements were helpful, or if being made aware of this type of information is useful. 


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