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Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 4

Here's to Healthy Organizing


Does this sound familiar?  I have so much to do.  I’m just going to plow through this organizing project.

In general, many people are very health conscious (physically and emotionally).  They think about correct ways to lift things, sufficient liquid intake, and support from family and friends.  Interestingly, this thinking doesn’t always carry over to organizing.  Their idea is to get it done and get it done now but the health piece doesn’t factor in.  If this sentiment resonates with you, I encourage you to read these few simple steps that can make a huge health difference in the long run. 


1. Bend over less  
       •Set the box to be sorted on top of something.
          -box or bin
          -old TV
          -dog crate
       •Sit while you sort.  
          -Use anything that is stable and can support you.

2. Nourish and Hydrate
       •Every 30 minutes to an hour take a drink of water.
       •Remind yourself that taking a break for lunch and supper is important.

3. Ask for help from family and friends.
       •What might it make sense for them to help you with?
          -carry bags to the dumpster or recycle bin
          -take boxes to donation center
          -simply be with you while you sort
           -*take part in a "you've served me well but it's time to say goodbye" ceremony


These three steps really don’t take more time.  They simply require that you are mindful of what you are doing…bend less, sit more, drink water, and ask for help.  

Stay healthy while organizing,

* I first read about a ceremony to say goodbye to our things in Judith Kolberg’s book “What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know About Chronic Disorganization”.  

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