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Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 10
Vision vs. Logistics


When we set off to organize, we may run into obstacles such as boredom, apathy or overwhelm. These roadblocks can arise when we struggle to balance our big organizing ideas with the rough and tumble logistics of getting them done. In any organizing project, however, both the visionary and the practical aspects are important!  

Two Kinds of Images


Envisioning the big picture fuels us with energy and motivation.  Some examples of big-picture questions from Karen Boutelle of Landmark College are, "What will having ____do for you? and What's important to you about_____?"
Examining detailed images helps keep tasks manageable.  We remember that each big task is composed of a limited number of smaller tasks. One detail question might be, "What is a next action you can take?"


Vision Logistics
Vision of an Organizing Project Logistics of an Organizing Project
I want to go through this room full of
boxes that belonged to my parents. 
I'm going to start with this box and sort it into keep, donate and trash. 
Vision of an Organizing Project Logistics of an Organizing Project
I want to be able to have people over
to my house.
For my first step, I'm going to sort the items in this space into categories based on my house: paper, clothes, toys and things that have a home in another part of the house.
Vision of an Organizing Project    Logistics of an Organizing Project
I need to write a paper about this book. In order to get the book read and still have time to write, I have to read 12 pages a day. 


Final Thought - Toggling Back and Forth Between Images 

It's important to notice where you are in your process.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, turn toward the practical; figure out a manageable step that you can take towards your larger goal.  If you are feeling unmotivated, remind yourself of the larger picture.  What will you gain by doing this?  Some days you may need to remember your vision, while other days you'll need to consider that next step.  As you trek back and forth between these two points, you travel forward, too – toward the end of your organizing project and toward a more manageable life.
Feel free to send us examples of the visions and the practicalities of your organizing projects! 

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