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You're not weird! 


I hear these sentiments all the time:
  • “I can’t believe that organizing is so hard for me – everyone else can do it.
  • “I should be able to just put things away, like normal people do.
  • “Every time I turn around, I've lost something.  No one else ever struggles with this!”  
So often, we compare our most frustrating traits with everyone else's perfect story. That's why this month, I wanted to send out a little note of encouragement.  The truth is, lots of people have a hard time completing so-called “easy” tasks. You are not alone!


Do you have a hard time...
•Making phone calls?
•Finding what you need, even if you've made lots of copies? 
•Sticking to a plan after the novelty wears off?
•Finding your scissors even though you bought a pair for every room?
•Letting go of clutter even though you really want a decluttered space?
•Remembering the morning chores that need to be done before you leave the house?
•Putting things away?  (The task isn’t done, and you want to remember to do it!)
•Starting a task or project? 
Do any of these sound familiar?  Yes?  Then you are not weird. It’s incredibly ironic that so many people think that they are the only ones who have trouble with the same sorts of expectedly “easy” things.

Final Thought

We humans are pretty amazing.  We possess kindness and wisdom and so many strengths.  So let’s revel in our amazing-ness, experiment with ways to do the supposedly “easy” things, and kindly tell our brains that, in fact, lots of people have difficulty with x, y and z. 
Until next time, take gentle care of yourselves.

Copyright © 2017 Susan Hunsberger Professional Organizer, All rights reserved.

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