Highlights of the 2016 ICD Conference
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On Multitasking, Mindfulness and Moods



Happy fall!  I love this time of year.  Besides the rust-red leaves, the thick-necked sweaters, and the pumpkin-spiced everything, autumn also means the annual Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference, where we wacky organizer types learn a lot and laugh a lot and connect with organizer friends, new and old.  This year was especially rich, so I wanted to share with you a few highlights


Satwant Singh spoke about "Reclaiming Space & Life."  My favorite idea?  How so much of success depends on being curious about yourself.  If you have a cat, then you already live with a curiosity Buddha.  Cats question everything.  Even boxes intrigue them.  A cat will jump in a box, walk around it, smell it, lick it, sprawl in it.  Then they may push it or bat at it.  No judgment, just curiosity.  A beautiful analogy, and a lofty goal.
I appreciated Ayla Lewis's talk on “The Science of Being Happy & Productive at Work” because her session was experiential.  Here's an exercise to experience the reality of multitasking


The ICD Program Schedule. We were busy!
  1. Sit down, say the alphabet, count to 26 and then stand up.
  2. Now,  sit back down, but this time switch off each time between letters and numbers.  Continue in this way through the alphabet, and when you are done, stand up. 
  3. Compare the two experiences.  What happens to your brain when you are focused on more than one thing at once?
A second point of Ayla's was how mindfulness "wires us to thrive, not just survive.”   To experiment with this, ground yourself in the present moment.  Breathe in for four counts, hold for six and breathe out for eight.  Give it a try.  Did anything change?

Then we heard Kevin Ashworth speak on "What Else Could It Be?  The Role of Mental Illness in Disorganized Lives."  Here's a pithy take-away.  You know how hard it is to change how you feel about something?  Instead of trying to change your feelings, start acting the way you want to feel.  Often, when we change our actions first, our feelings will follow.  Smiling when you're sad can make you feel happier (science!), and treating a frustrating colleague with kindness can make you feel more, well, kindly!  How cool is that?
Finally, Rick Green talked about “Secrets in Making ADHD Quirks Work.”  Rick Green has lots of entertaining, educational videos on ADHD here: http://totallyadd.com/videos/.  If you or someone you love has ADHD, do NOT miss this resource.

Two More Things!

 If you have any thoughts about any of this, please share!  I'd love to hear them.
I’ll be speaking along with other ADHD experts and moderating a discussion between Sari Solden and Michelle Frank at a Free Event at the downtown Ann Arbor library on October 5, 7-8:30pm - Life Beyond an ADHD Diagnosis. http://www.aadl.org/node/347615
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