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Times are tough.  You might be spending more time at home, which means that you are spending more time around your stuff. This newsletter has has ideas about how to think about your closets. The information is from a presentation that my organizing chapter (National Association of Professional Organizers Southeast Michigan) and I gave at IKEA in January.

Take a systematic approach to your closets:
-Evaluate the space - what is the purpose of this closet?
-Sort and purge contents - get out like items when sorting and purging.
-Organize what remains - put frequently used items in most convenient location. 
-Maintain the system - plan a few minutes everyday to put your things away. 

Correct problems with structure:
-lighting - if your closet doesn't have a light then check out
-raise or lower hanging rods and shelves as needed. 
-add shoe/accessory storage on walls, doors, and floor
-if space allows, include a laundry hamper and a container for items to donate. 

To figure out what works and what doesn't consider:
-hanging vs. shelving space - hang shirts on one side and put a shelving unit under them. 
-visioning - see what truly must be here, then remove categories of items that can go elsewhere.
-maximize vertical space with stacking containers.

Every few months, re-sort and purge to keep your system efficient. 

Cheers to hanging out at home in a comfortable space!

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