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December 2008
In preparing for this month's newsletter I researched holiday organizing solutions.  This issue contains two of my favorite suggestions. These two ideas, gathered from what is being discussed this year in magazines and on the internet, were introduced to me by organizer Jamie Novack.  These suggestions fit into some of the ideas that you have perhaps heard me talk about - only now they are applied to holiday materials.  The two ideas that I want to talk about are binders and calendars.   


Create a 3 ring binder for the holidays.  I've discussed using a 3 ring binder for organizing all the different paper that comes into your household on a daily basis…child’s calendar, party invitations, menus, phone numbers etc.  An extension of this idea is to create a binder just for the holidays. Why not create a holiday binder with a variety of sections using plastic page covers for all the different papers you receive. 

Some possible categories could include: 

  • menus
  • gift lists
  • travel plans (tickets, reservations, confirmation numbers)
  • addresses for holiday cards
  • invitation
Then, when the holidays are over, you can store this binder with your holiday decorations and supplies (mark the container where this binder is stored, so it is the first thing you get out and refer to). The following year you have last year’s information as a resource.

One other thing - If you need to remember something for next year, for example, “use the little card table for a table extension or only buy 30 cards – use the ones from the end of the year sale last year” you can also include a page of notes in the binder.


I've talked about scheduling time into  your calendar for organizing.  How about taking a look at the month of December now, while you still might have a bit of unscheduled time.

Plug in times when you are going to do those holiday things that you want to do:

  • shop for gifts
  • write cards
  • decorate the tree
  • make holiday treats

Figure out what you need to do and the time it will take to complete the task, then write them in your calendar.  The trick is to think of these activities as any other appointment then follow through.

Happy Holidays!


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