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Strategize Organize 
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 8

Do you share a workspace with someone?  If yes, this newsletter is written especially for you.  If not, you may still want to glance through it to see if there are any workspace organizing tips that might be helpful.    

Ideas for Sharing a Workspace

1.  Label spaces where desk supplies go.  
-With a label maker or on a piece of tape write "stapler" and put the stapler on top of the tape.  You can put the label or the tape right on the surface where the desk supply goes.  Do this for all your supplies: tape, dispenser, scissors, ruler, etc.
-For supplies that go inside a container (paperclips, rubber bands, tacks, pencils, pens) label the inside wall of the container.  

2.  Have a designated area in or near the workspace for people to store their papers or projects.  
-If someone has a project they are working on and they need to leave the workspace, instead of leaving the papers on the surface of the workspace, they can put their papers in their designated area.  Label the area with the person's name.  This designated area can be a file, a drawer, a letter tray etc.
-The important thing is to make sure that each person has an area and that they use it.  

3.  Have a place for paper that doesn't get put in its designated area.  This place can be labeled something like "lost" or "who do you belong to".  By giving a home to papers that aren't put in their area everyone knows what to do with papers that are left out on the workspace and  everyone knows where to look for papers that aren't in their designated area.  

4.  Have a place for things that end up in the workspace that don't have a home there - this place (a cabinet or box) should also be labeled.  

5. Have a time when all the people who use the workspace can go through these two places.  Throw away or recycle the paper that is no longer needed and put the other paper and things in their assigned place/home.  Anything that should stay in the workspace but doesn't have a home - assign one.

*Sharing space can work - it can even force an area to stay organized! 

Good Luck!
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