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Newsletter Volume 6, Issue 8
Helpful Resources for Summer Organizing


My clients are gearing up for summer.  They have plans; they want to make things happen, stir things up, move things along.  This newsletter describes a number of resources that my clients have found helpful.  Most of these resources are local; however, I believe that if something exists here, it is likely that something like this exists near you. 

Resources that make you money

• Encore
-Sells your items for you on e-bay.  They figure out how much it is worth, photograph it, and provide a link so you can watch it sell.  They also ship the item to the buyer.  If your item doesn't sell, you can either pick it up or they will drop it off at a donation site for you. The item has to be valued at $75 or more.  You usually get 55-65% of what the item sells for. 

• Books by Chance
-Sells your books, CDs, and DVDs for you.  You drop off your items or they will PICK THEM UP.  They research the item and figure out what is worth selling, and they donate the rest. You get 35% of the proceeds. 

• Donation valuation sheets
-Between the two of these resources you'll probably be able to find the value of the items you donate.  Ask your tax preparer what kind of tax deduction your can get for your items.  At the bottom of this newsletter, I've included the first page of each guide to give you a sense of what they are like.
Resource that saves your back

Rent a rower
-Lifts, carries, and moves heavy things for you (within a space or to your car).  They are available all year round.  Their current rate is $85 for 4 hours of work. 

Resource that is the most helpful to me as an organizer

-Recycles electronics for free!! That means all computers, monitors, and other computer peripherals, and old TV's. Thank you, Restore!

Final Thoughts

If you know of any other resource that you find incredibly helpful as you are trying to move things along, please let us know.  BTW, the first day of summer is June 21st. 

Take care,  

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