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Strategize Organize LLC 
Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 3

 The Look   

Yes, I’m in the organizing industry.  In this industry there are magazines, books, and more magazines that show beautifully organized spaces with matching containers, furniture, and accessories. Although I am in the industry, I’m not about the “perfect” looking space that requires a large budget.  I’m also not into spaces that look like magazine pictures but don’t reflect the needs of the people.

A Different Angle on Magazines 

I suggest that the first step in an organizing project is to think about the goals and vision for a space rather than going through organizing magazines. Once you have figured out some things - how you want your space used, how you want it to feel, how you want to access and put away stuff - look around and see what you already have in your space. Most likely you will be able to use what you already own in your organizing project. 

If you need some ideas, books and magazines can be useful.  But I think a crucial point to remember is that books and magazines are resources for ideas, they should not be used as the be all and end all picture for your organizing project.   If you find that magazines are making you sad and depressed rather than inspired – I say stop looking at them.   Remember, magazines and books are generally trying to sell you something.  

A New Definition 

I enjoy beautiful spaces…but what I want to do is open up the definition of beautiful.  Instead of beautiful solely being a picture in a magazine, how about coming up with a definition for yourself. Here are some possible ideas:

A beautiful space is

  • a space that functions well and uses things that I own and love.
  • a space that is simple and only has the basics – what I use every week.
  • a space where everything has a home that works for me.

A Final Note 

In my experience when space functions well and meets a person’s needs that’s the first step in feeling happy, relaxed, peaceful, clear-minded, etc. That’s the first step to a beautiful space.   

Happy New Year and a toast to new definitions!


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