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Newsletter Volume 8, Issue 7
Sorting Spring

Ah, spring!  The longer days, the bright flashes of leaf buds and flowers, the scents of warm soil and rain, the long-awaited sunshine. It's a good time of year, is it not?  It's also a great opportunity to admire some spring images in the context of organizing. :)

Organizing Principles
First, you take the whole space: the house, trees, grass, bushes, flowers.
Think office.  This whole space is your office, and it's filled with things that are always overreaching their containers and getting all tangled up together.  

Then you take your big, springy, overreaching office, and you pick one general category – let's say flowers.  These flowers are your supplies. (Wink, wink.)

Within your supply flowerbeds, get as specific as you need to get. Put the same kinds of flowers together.   These are your post-its and paperclips, your pencils and push-pins.


Now give each little flower family a home.  Your purple petunias in one place, your paperclips in another. 

Afterward, you must maintain their homes.
Keep the dastardly dill out of the daisies.  Restrain the business cards from fraternizing with the post-its.  Perhaps the business cards are invasive.  Or perhaps they just need a bigger home. 


Sometimes you'll get a rare Saturday to work the whole backyard, but more often you'll get just enough time to tend a little patch of flowers.  Whatever spring brings you, I hope that this season of muddy messes and fresh starts brings you great joy and new growth.
Happy spring,

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