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Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1

Annoying Situation: The Packing / Unpacking Conundrum

This is the second edition of my "Annoying Situation" case studies.  To see the first case study in the series check the August 2010 newsletter.  


This client travels a lot for work. She finds that it is a pain to put away all of her travel gear when she returns home because she knows that in a month she will have to pack it all up again.  Also, if she puts things away, she is nervous about forgetting her gear on the next trip.  


1. There are some things that are used only when traveling (for example: passport, travel clothes, toiletry bag, folder for receipts).  Make a place for all these travel items.  This place could be a basket, bin, drawer, or section of the closet.  It could also be inside the suitcase used for travel.  By having a designated space, unpacking is easy because everything has a place.  Packing for the next trip will be a breeze, after all, the travel items are together and ready to go.

2. There are also things that are used both in travel and in every day life (like a phone charger, computer, clothes, shoes).  Make a list of these items and keep the list in your travel section or in your suitcase.  

Why it Works

Originally things didn't get put away because of the annoyance of getting things out again in a month.  Because all the things now stay together, it is much easier to pack and unpack. Plus, with a designated place for travel things and a list of items to pack, the client can confidently prepare for her next trip.   

It is important for traveling to be as enjoyable as possible.  Strategies like the ones above can help put some of the fun back into a trip. 
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