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Newsletter Volume 6, Issue  3

Thank You and Let's Take a Moment to Celebrate 


I really enjoy my work.  Actually, I love my work.  I heard a story on National Public Radio about how if we look to what we enjoyed doing during our years from 7-14 we can discover our passion and that is where we ideally want to work. My mom tells me that when I was seven I whispered into her ear, “ Will you help me put everything away after all these people leave?”  It seems that I have been lucky enough to move into my ideal career.  I want to take a moment to thank my clients for trusting me in their process. 
I also want to recognize and celebrate the work of my clients.  I hope that all of you (clients and others) can find yourself in this list and also recognize and celebrate yourselves.

Reasons to Celebrate

People are...
  • engaging in a task that had been put off.
  • generating patience to observe themselves in the organizing process.
  • completing long term projects.
  • creating a support community in order to move forward with goals.
  • working at organizing even they’re when not wanting to.
  • being alright with small steps.
  • asking for help with different tasks.
  • using their creativity to improve a problematic system.
  • figuring out that a new direction with (stuff, paper, etc.) is necessary.
  • finding their keys.
  • cutting something out of a busy schedule.
  • getting back at it after falling off the “organizing wagon”.
  • making the most of their space.
  • feeling okay about needing help with organizing.
  • looking ahead at a schedule and planning accordingly.
  • growing into difficult decisions.
  • following through even when there is a voice that is saying “I can do it later”.
  • forming a new habit- however big or small it might be.
  • trusting their process (instead of  “I should organize like them”).
  • delivering projects even when they are not perfect.
Final Thoughts

So, way to go!  I look forward to the New Year and more organizing.  I do want to say that I will be visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and niece in New Zealand for the month of January.  I’m looking forward to this adventure. I will be ready to get back into life in Ann Arbor in February.

Happy New Year!
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