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Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 8

  Not So Traditional Ideas About Space and Organization   

We all have ideas about how we "should" organize our space.  These ideas may come from how we experienced organization in our childhood, what we see on TV and in magazines, what we read about in books, and/or what we see in the homes of our friends.  

The purpose of this newsletter is to say that organizing is a personal thing.  Our goal is to come up with systems that work for us - not systems that work for our parents and friends, and not rooms that look like IKEA or magazine pictures.  Of course friends, family, IKEA, and magazines can be helpful for ideas.  But ultimately we need to set things up to work for our unique selves.  


Below are seven examples of organizing that perhaps do not fit into the traditional idea of what space "should" look like.  These examples are given to open up our idea of an organized space.  
  1. Your family needs an office but does not have space. A dining room is never or rarely used as a dining space because people eat in the kitchen or family room. Turn the dining room into the office.
  2. Your child plays in the bedroom, family room, and the living room.  Instead of keeping the toys only in bedroom (which might mean a struggle at pick-up time) make a home for the toys in each room.
  3. Your closet floor does not work for shoes.  Put the shoes on a shelf or shoe rack in the bedroom. Why do shoes have to go in a closet?  You can even think of shoes as art.
  4. Your computer and desk need a space.  Turn a closet into a computer office.  
  5. Your house does not have a basement, attic, or garage for storage.  Take part of a guest room (or any room) and turn it into a storage room.  Divide the space with a curtain, line the walls with shelves, and presto - one room becomes both a guest room and storage area.
  6. You travel a lot for work.  Turn part of your car into an office. Items that need to be transported from place to place can be put in bag or suitcase on wheels. Resources can be stored in the trunk. 
  7. Two people share a bedroom but the closet is small and there is no room for both of their things.  One person can have their closet in the bedroom and the other person can use the closet in another room.   

How many people are now going to turn their backyard into their master bedroom?  Just kidding :)

Good Luck, 

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