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Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 4

Time - What's in Your Week?


There are so many things that we want to get done in a day, week, month, and year.  There are long to-do lists and questions like "why am I not able to get to that?" and "where does the time go?"  Does this sound familiar?  

The first and most important step with time, is to acknowledge that you really do have 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week.  Then understand where you currently spend your time - your categories.  Finally, it's essential to notice the real time that you spend on things - consider not just the event but the "prep" and "clean up".  

In this newsletter I'm going to lay out a sample of time spent in a week.  I'm sure that your week looks different but hopefully this provides a starting point for thinking about categories and time estimates. 

Categories and Time Estimates for Hours in a Week

  • sleep total = 56
  • work 40 and travel to/from 5 total = 45
  • breakfast, supper 12 and lunch on weekends 1.5 total = 13.5
  • get read for day 7 and get ready for bed 1 total = 8
  • exercise, travel to/from gym total = 4
  • family commitments 12 and pets 1 total = 13
  • grocery shop (travel to/from, put away) total = 2
  • pick up house with some cleaning 3 and laundry (sort, wash, dry, put away) 2 total = 5
  • TV, entertainment 2 and phone calls to family/friends 2 total = 4
  • appointments, travel to/from total = 2
  • processing mail, paying bills, filing .75 and respond to e-mail 1.75 total = 3
  • not accounted for total 12.5 
  • CATEGORIES NOT INCLUDED: birthdays, taxes, sickness, religious activities, house projects, gardening, social medial, car maintenance, haircuts, shopping - other than food, planning/scheduling.  

Sample Time Chart

Visual representation of time in week. 

More Charts

Here I've included a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It provides charts and graphs for more categories: older Americans, students, leisure activities, ect.
Feel free to take a look.  It is pretty interesting. 

As you add to your schedule, remember you also have to take away - you only have 168 hours in a week.  What decisions will you make?

Here's to understanding our time,


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For those of you who live in Ann Arbor, CTN (Community Television Network) is airing an Organizing and Recycling show on April 6th.  This show focuses on the kitchen.  The recycler is Nancy Stone and the organizer is ME! If you miss it or your don't live in Ann Arbor, don't worry, I will send out a link in my next newsletter.   

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