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Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 1
Do You Know What Works for You?


Can you imagine running into a problem of some kind and confidently turning to your list of effective past strategies?  It could feel really wonderful and empowering to know not only what strategies you have in your toolkit, but also to know what works in what situation. 
Perhaps some of you have this all figured out and are thinking, "Yeah, Susan I've got this."  If so, that's great!  You may want to skim the next section to see if there is anything there you might want to think about; otherwise see you in the next newsletter. ;)  For those of you who are thinking, "I'd like to learn more about my strategies," then this newsletter is for you!  Keep on reading. 

Discovering your set of strategies

Charts can sometimes be really helpful in helping us think about things.  I learned about a helpful chart in thinking about strategies from Karen Boutelle, Associate Director of Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. 
The categories included in her chart are: "strategy, purpose, effectiveness, and use again?” Below I listed some examples of these categories. These examples are made up and simply provide a way to get our wheels turning.
Strategy Purpose Effectiveness Use again?
Use a timer. Keep track of the passing of time. Yes, but needs a louder signal when the time is up. Yes
Write specific goal on piece of paper and place in front of me.  Keep focused on current goal. Yes, bold writing is better. Yes
Hold cat as a 5 minute break. Give my brain a change of pace. No, cat is too cute and her purr puts me to sleep.  No
Time how long a task takes. Get a better sense of how long tasks take. Yes, do it for more things. Yes

I think that these categories are perfect in terms of giving us a framework for noticing.  The chart format helps us lay out and visualize the information in a useable way. 


Maybe the coolest thing about charting information like this is that it helps us observe ourselves in a helpful way.  It removes judgment about when we do or don't get things done.  Instead it helps us learn about ourselves.  Notice that there is not a column that says bad/good, lazy/productive.  In the end we are probably more motivated by information than by judgment. I'd/we'd love to hear what your strategies are . . . Sharing can help by giving other ideas of things to try.

Have fun experimenting,

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