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Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 6

Life's Little Extras


In today’s do-it-yourself world many of us have made things: furniture, frames, lawn equipment. Often times at the end of projects we are left with an assortment of nails, screws, buttons, and other tiny items. It is tempting to just shove these items in the nearest drawer and forget they are there. Taking a few extra moments to ask yourself the following questions could save yourself a big headache later.

Ask Yourself
Could I ever see myself using this piece?

If the answer is NO

There are several ways to get rid of such objects. Metal pieces can be recycled.  Buttons can be donated to an organization like the Scrap Box.  Other items can be thrown out. 

If the answer is YES
The key to storing these items successfully is making them easily accessible.
• One of the easiest ways to keep tiny items is to put them in a small bag and tape or nail it to the back of the object in question.  For example, if you have a few extra screws that go with a bookshelf you just put together, adhere the bag of screws to the back of that bookshelf. 
• A second option is to create a three-ring binder with plastic business card protectors. Label a section on the plastic protector (where a business card would go) with the project that these items came from. Then tape the section closed.
• A third idea is to use see though baby food jars or prescription bottles to store things.  Make sure to create a space for these jars or bottles and to label them well. Understandably, some parents don't like to use prescription bottles for anything other than medicine.  

Last words

Taking a little time to properly store the extra items that result from a handmade project will save you a lot of time in the future and will help keep do-it-yourself projects fun rather than frustrating!

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