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Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 11

 Sticky Situation: Clothes on the Floor   

When I read books about organizing I find myself really enjoying the real-life examples that are often woven through the text. I decided it would be fun to occasionally include a case study of one of my clients along with the solution we came up with. While I of course will not name this client, I will only ever use clients that have given me permission to use their situation as a case study.


At the end of a long day my client wanted to jump into bed rather than spend time hanging up her clothes.  As a result, her bedroom floor was covered with clothes from the week, both gently worn - still pretty clean AND dirty – need to be washed.  She hated this mess.


Get ready for bed earlier in the evening so that hanging up clothes didn’t feel like it was eating into sleep time.

2. Designate a second space (maybe an additional laundry basket) for gently worn clothes.  That way the gently worn clothes are off the floor. When my client did have time she could hang up these items.

Why it worked

The person didn’t like to see clothes on the floor. By having a designated space to put them when she didn’t have time to get ready for bed early, she eliminated the mess.

This solution fit the person’s style.  She could envision getting ready for bed a bit earlier or hanging up a basket of gently worn clothes on the weekends. 

Final Comments

Keep in mind that this solution was made for a specific client.  I don’t anticipate that it is a perfect solution for anyone else.  However, I do think that there are elements to this solution that could help others.  If you see any gem in here that speaks to you, grab it and make it your own.

Good Luck, 

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