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Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 3

Tis the Season of Giving


The holidays are drawing to a close and you might be facing the question, "What am I going to do with all this new STUFF!?"  

Dealing with presents is complicated.  While gifts often come from loved ones, the presents themselves are not always ideal. Are there options for dealing with presents that are reasonable for the person who doesn’t have room for the things they already have?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. The key to making decisions about new gifts is thinking it through. 

First separate the gifts into 2 categories: those you want to keep and those you don’t want to keep.

For The Gifts You Want To Keep 

When you want to keep something, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

• Where am I going to put this new item?
• Is there room for the item there?
• If there is not room are you willing to get rid of something you currently own to make room?  For some gifts you might want to follow the one in, one out rule. If you received a new sweater, is there an old sweater that you are willing to get rid of? If you aren’t willing to make room you might want to revisit how important it is to keep this new gift.

If you decide to keep this gift but put it into storage, here are some additional questions you may ask:

• Do I have room in storage?
• How am I going to remember that I have this new item and how am I going to find it? The answer to this question may be as easy as keeping an index of what you have in storage or writing a reminder on your calendar when you think you will need it.  You may also store the new present with another like item.

For The Gifts You Don’t Want To Keep 

It is quite common to receive at least one gift that, while very thoughtful, just isn't a good fit. Three ways to deal with these items are:

1. Regifting

It is not wrong to find a better home for something.  Perhaps a co-worker would love this item. If you can identify a person to give the gift to and a time when you are going to give it, then consider doing just that.  However, be careful not to fall into the trap of saving it just in case someday you may have a chance to regift it.  It is better to pass it along immediately than to have it remain in your home indefinitely.

2. Consignment Shops 
For gifts that you can’t think of an immediate person to regift to, consider using a consignment shop.  Have a bag in your car to keep these items in so that when you find yourself out and about you are ready to drop these items off.
3. Donations
Second hand stores often welcome donations. Your donation could bring another person so much joy. Just like with the consignment pile, have a bag in your car where you can put these items.  That way, when you are out running errands you have the items ready in the event that you pass one of these stores.

By taking care of the holiday items quickly, you will be able to more easily enjoy the rest of this lovely season.

Happy New Year!

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