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Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 3
Self-Needs Equation


Sometimes I find myself in conversations that remind me of principles that are so basic but yet so easy to forget.  Recently, I was talking with someone who was overwhelmed by all kinds of different things that needed to get done—projects and everyday tasks (groceries, laundry, errands, etc.).  We started getting into the nitty-gritty about time, scheduling, prioritizing, and planning, when all of a sudden, a light bulb went on. The most important thing that needed to happen was to consider the self first. For this person it was clear that the self-needs were a bit neglected and needed some attention.  As soon as we considered those needs the conversation shifted: breathing got easier, the mood got lighter, and stress levels lessened. 

The Equation

Self-needs are a basic part of any equation that seeks to solve the challenges of everyday living. However, these needs are sometimes the easiest to forget. Furthermore, self-needs are often more than just a part of an equation; sometimes they act like a multiplier which makes everything more valuable.
Self-needs look different for different people, but the thing that seems to be most important is that they are recognized.  It's as if by saying, "Yes, you are here, you are important and you are part of this equation," the self can feel assured and life can move forward. When we recognize our own needs, we can move forward and do our tasks with a refreshed and recharged attitude.

Examples of Self-Needs

• Time with friends
• Yoga, meditation, exercise
• Coffee or tea
• Music
• Going for a drive
• Sitting outside
• Holding a cat

Final Thoughts

Whenever we are able to shift our frame of reference, or add increased value to our lives, the result can be pretty cool. The task list doesn't go away, but our feelings about it can change. There might be a different kind of energy, an energy that perhaps allows us to have a fresh perspective. Sometimes that shift gives us a bit of energy and motivation to work at things.  But it's important to continue to remember those basic variables that keep the equation positive. The self is an important part of the equation. 

Take care in this new year,

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