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Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 10

 The Dreaded Refrigerator   

In many ways our lives revolve around food. At least three times a day we have to consider what we want to eat and how we are going to get that nutrition. The most common way that we address this problem is our refrigerator.  It is no surprise then that this space, which is so heavily used and often used by more than one person, can get disorganized.
The single biggest problem that I have seen in refrigerators is overpacking.  My clients often buy too many fresh fruits and vegetables and can’t eat them all. They end up clogging up the fridge and rotting.  This is a waste of space and money. Consider looking at your food shopping habits as a way to tackle this problem.

If your refrigerator is already in need of some organizational help,
here are 7 easy steps to solve the problem.

Step 1. Change any burned out light bulbs.
•While this may not seem important, studies have shown that having a well lit space is critical to keeping it organized.

Step 2. Take out the food.

Step 3. Wipe down the fridge.

Step 4. Toss out food that has gone bad as well as any food or condiments that you know you won’t use.

Step 5. Think through a system to deal with your leftovers so they don’t get lost in the fridge.
For example:
• Label and date leftovers (masking tape and sharpie markers work well).
• Store tupperware in an easily accessable way. Often my clients have many plastic containers.  Just keep the ones that fit in the space that is available for storage.
• Consider only having one kind of container so that all lids fit all containers.
• Consider having see-through containers so that leftovers are easier to find

Step 6. Assign a shelf or area for leftovers.

Step 7. Put everyday items (like milk, juice, bread) in the same place after each usage.
• Label your shelves so that everyone who uses the fridge knows where things belong.
• Make a diagram of where thing are and hang it on your fridge.
Following these 7 easy steps can simplify your meal preparation.  Mealtime can then be a time that restores energy.  

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