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Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 7

The "Perfect" Organizing System 


There’s gotta be an app that will do a better job of managing my to-dos.  (Okay, if I’m honest, I just don’t want to do them).  If I could just find that certain organizing tool, I know that I wouldn’t end up with this pile of papers.  (Okay, I admit it, filing is so boring).  I’ve bought all sorts of supplies to help me deal with my mail; there’s gotta be something out there that will work. (Okay, it’s true, decisions about all the offers, events, and/or actions that are represented by the pieces of mail are painful).

The reality is that even with the most perfect system, app, or tool there still IS work to be done, paper to be filed (manually or electronically), or a decision to be made.  Another way to say it—there isn’t a system out there that will take away all the “pain and irritation” that is often associated with our to-dos, papers, and decisions. 

One option then is to take what has worked best for you, go with it, and stop spending time and money trying to find the “perfect” system that will make all your troubles go away. 

As I write this I hear alarm bells going off and lots of BUTS.  So I will respond:
  • It is true that systems can help us. An app that manages our to-dos in a way that syncs with our calendar can be a game changer. 
  • A file system that helps us to figure out when to get rid of paper (The Freedom Filer) is awesome.
  • Yes, is truly a wonderful site that allows us to stop credit offers and catalogs from even entering our home.
Having recognized that there are great systems, apps, and tools that do help us with our time and tasks, the hard reality is that sometimes we just need to do things that aren’t fun.* Spending our time, energy and money looking for and purchasing the perfect thing that will do it for us (but that probably doesn’t even exist), perhaps isn’t the goal we should be striving for. 

Final Comments

I was nervous writing this newsletter, especially since I’m an organizer. Much of my job is helping people in one way or another find systems that work for them. So, I’m not at all saying that we can’t come up with good systems.  What I am saying is that if you are someone who has struggled with an issue around organization, there probably isn’t a silver bullet out there waiting to be discovered.  More likely, the trick is to find ways of doing the things that need to get done.

*There are ways to help ourselves do things that aren’t fun.  See my newsletters on Timers and Procrastination.

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