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Newsletter Volume 8, Issue  4
A 'Strategy Closet' to Combat Brain Boredom

My clients often get frustrated because a strategy that used to help them stay focused, get started, and/or remember tasks suddenly stops working.  Some people use timers, others like post-it notes and still others find that music puts them in the right frame of mind.  For an ADD brain, however, strategy boredom sets in, and the strategy, whatever it is, stops working.  This is a typical result of ADD brain boredom!
Addressing Brain Boredom
The key to addressing this boredom lies in developing a ‘strategy closet’ of ideas.  When a strategy stops working, go to your ‘strategy closet’ and choose another strategy.  And remember to put the boring strategy back on the shelf for future use. Boring strategies will not stay boring forever!

Some examples of what might go into the ‘strategy closet':
            Camp out in a coffee shop
            Work with company (body doubling)
            Listen to music
            Color a coloring sheet
            Organize your time with a timer
                          • Egg 
                          • Time Timer 
                          • Repeat Timer 
                          • Stop watch
                          • Miracle Cube Timer            

Potential Break Down

Often we don’t remember the strategies that have worked well in the past. Our brains forget them, and they are lost.  This is where things can break down for those of us with ADD
The reality is that our now-boring strategies were great ideas!  In fact, our old ideas can be more reliable than new ideas because they have worked before and will likely work again. So put them back into your 'strategy closet'!  Your brain will get excited about them once again at some point down the road.

A Question for You

How can you build a closet for your time-tested strategies AND remember to go there when your brain is ready for something new?

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