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Strategize Organize 
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 10


I recently had an experience where my husband had to be taken in an ambulance to the ER.  As I was leaving the house I remember thinking “ Do I know all the information they are going to ask me?”  I am happy to say that my husband is fine.  This experience did, however, lead me to think about organization for this particular situation.  In this newsletter I’m going to write about possibilities for organizing medical information for emergency situations.


 Your Medical Checklist   

Use some sort of holder for medical information: file folder, notebook with dividers, 3 ring binder, accordion file. If you have a smartphone you may be able to put the information there. Here is the information that I felt was useful to have on my recent trip. (Note: I’m not a medical professional. This is a good list, however, you should not interpret this as medical advice. Other information on medical lists and emergency preparation can be found at ):

  • current medication, vitamins, and doses
  • medications that cause allergic reactions
  • dates of any surgeries
  • dates of immunizations
  • names and numbers for your doctors including specialists
  • name and numbers of family members and friends to call for support
  • insurance information

Have this information for each family member and make sure everyone in the family knows where it is kept.

If you want to use something that is pre-made you can visit which has a binder option.  The information that you include in this binder in much more extensive  and would be a way of keeping track of all of your medical information.  

During a crisis it is very useful to have all the information at your figure tips. In an emergency emotions can be high which may result in the inability to remember important facts.   It can be a relief to have the information available to you.

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