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Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 3

Not Really a Top Ten List!


It’s the last few days of 2012.  I thought perhaps I’d join in with the list making for 2012.  Although I don’t have a “top ten” list, I do have my top sites in four distinct categories. These sites help me think about organizing in a broad sense and more specifically they fuel my thinking in areas of repurposing and space efficiency.  At points they also challenge me to think creatively. Take a look if you’d like…I think they are worthwhile musings.
The Categories
Organizing site that I love:
This site has a range of pictures, descriptions, resources, and ideas about organizing. We’d want to ask questions about beauty, efficiency, and maintenance over time.
Repurposing sites that are fun:
This link shows an example of repurposed space. We’d want to think through what we want to do in this space and does it achieve those goals.  What would we gain and lose from changing the function of the space?
This link shows examples of repurposing stuff. This concept can be great, however, we probably don’t want to collect things for the sole purpose of repurposing them. 
Favorite out of the box thinking
You just have to look at this.  It will make you laugh.  Let me know if you decide to do it.
Inspiration in space efficiency
This site not only helps me think about space efficiency it also encourages my reflection on what things are important.  What would I bring to 400 square feet?
I do enjoy looking at pictures of organization and space.  If you ever find anything that interests you please let me know.  I’d love to post these findings to my social media.  I’m sure others would love to take a look. 
Happy New Year!

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